Lib fight. Fairfax is accusing Northam


This has nothing to do with Trump their just deflecting because in the last 24 hours, three top democrats in Virginia are in trouble for crimes the left themselves made irredeemable acts, even if there not proven to be true in case of the rape man, the accusation along should be believed, until well when it smashes down their front door.


I don’t care if it’s true or not. We have a ■■■■■ grabber in the WH and a sexual assulter on the Supreme Court, so what’s wrong with having a Lieutenant Gov who’s one, too?


He got around to lying a few days later and you seem to have swallowed it hook, line and sinker. As I said, not surprised.


I don’t know tweet the question at #metoo.


I don’t have a twitter account and maybe someone else on this board will be able to answer.


This is a national story now, now what about the female presidential candidates. Gillibrand, Harris, Warren need to be asked, do you believe in this lady like you believed in Kavanaugh’s accuser? Gillibrand said ‘I believe’ her when the accused was a Supreme Court justice nominee. What do they think of a woman being called a f… b… by a Lieutenant Governor. Come on media, go ahead, and ask them, what do they think. It was laughable, Bernie Sanders faked as though he was on the phone talking with somebody, when the phone was actually off, just to avoid answering the question of whether we should believe the accuser, (this is before the afternoon statement from the accuser). Why don’t liberal media types hound these (Warren, Harris, Gillibrand) people to answer whether they believe this woman, who gives a specific date, gives specific details, and even the accused guy admits to having sex with her. But in any case to be consistent, I’m going to give Fairfax the benefit of the doubt here, presume he’s innocent. I’m open to what he can document, and want to hear how he recalls that day, as opposed to her version that I read. I’m most interested in the Hirono lady from Hawaii, should be telling everybody that everybody need to believe this lady and all the men need to sit down, shut up, and do the right thing, which apparently meant for Senate men to vote against him, because the Kavanaugh accuser is right. Here it must be everybody should pressure Fairfax to resign Hirono, who was strangely silent on Keith Ellison, needs to give her opinion and we can see if it is consistent, as well as especially the female presidential candidates.


Throw Trump under the bus to save Trump.

But to the point. He was lying then too. Do you believe he thought her testimony compelling? Of course not, you knew he was smarter than that, beating them at their own game by pre-empting their lies with his own. He’s that smart.


Apparently if any of the three people resign, there is probably going to be a special election this November (at the same time the state house seats are up for grabs), but not for governor but most likely lieutenant governor regardless. If Northam resigns, but Fairfax does not resign, Fairfax will move to governor, and the lieutenant governor spot will open up. Let’s say the top two guys resign, but Herring (the attorney general) doesn’t, Herring will go to governor, and two spots would be up for special election, lieutenant governor and attorney general. Apparently lets say all three resign, as mentioned before the Republican guy, the house leader, I think goes to governor, and you have a special election for both lieutenant governor and attorney general. Of course all three can hang on, and nothing happens, but definitely the Democrats look bad this November. None of these guys would be impeached if they hung on. Now, more discoveries over the next couple of days could impact the decisions here. In any case, for now I still think Northam looks worst of the three, though if Fairfax looks like he did this thing, then that would be even more horrible


I don’t know man, I’m in Virginia, I’ve met a lots of white people, both Republican and Democrat, who were around in the 80s, none of them had black face in college. My wife is white, she lived in Virginia for quite a few years, she didn’t know anybody who had black face. Apparently white Democratic men who run for higher office in Virginia, got this malady.


They will not all resign, on the outside they will be pressured to so the left can try to save face. In private there is no way they will take a chance on relinquishing power to the republicans. In the end it’s all politics regardless of what they say they stand for, and none of them want to be out of a job. I was reading the comment section on the NYT’s it literally sounded like the republicans defending their own. “What does it matter what happened 30 years ago”, “Does consent have to be written down now in these days”.

Tribalism has consumed us all.


Didn’t say that did I?

Just pointing out the difference between the two situations.


You mean Kavanaugh’s accuser?

Who couldn’t give a when (maybe spring or summer, it might have been fall).
Who couldn’t give a where (it was at someone’s house, don’t know who and I can’t tell you for sure where it was.)


Lol yeah i am not the one quoting trump. It was obvious she couldnt give any concrete facts to investigate.


You must not have had much of a life in high school if you find that so amazing.

The first time I really made out with a girl was in a basement party at Bill (last name intentionally left blank). It was a big deal for me and I remember a lot about what it felt like to be kissing and fondling a little for the first time. I am, I would say, 95% sure her name was Stephanie (no idea what her last name is/was) and I sure as hell could not tell you if it was fall, winter or spring although my money would be on one of those three since we weren’t outside in the nearby woods with the dirt bikes. I also could not tell you for the life of me if I was 12 or 13 years old. No idea. I do know it wasn’t 14 because right around my 14th birthday I met a girl a couple years older that became the sole focus of my attention for the next couple of years.

Anecdotal I know, but I guarantee that I am not alone in having a vivid childhood memory of something but not being able to say with certainty what year or especially what time of the year it happened. And my experience was not traumatic, with all of the extra problems that studies show such events can carry with them. And the only reason I know it was Bill’s house is because his was the only one other than mine we ever had parties like that at and I know I wasn’t at home.

I think republicans response to her over this was and is completely pathetic, but again, I am not the least bit surprised.


The first sentence there makes no sense.

And the second is complete crap. She gave plenty for the F.B.I. or any good detective to investigate if they were given the time and not prevented from doing their job so the republicans could rush Kavanaugh onto the bench.


She name two other girls she claimed was there…but those two said they didn’t even know Kavanough.

But nice job of derailing this thread.

What are libs going to do?

Support the racist?
Support he rapist?
And finally support the second racist.

No matter who they choose…libs will come off as hypocrites that they are.


Lets see the one calling others gullible and falling for what trump says is using a quote by trump. That is my lol #priceless.


Yeah, because showing that he talks out of both sides of his mouth by quoting his exact words is obviously a complete waste of time when dealing with Trump bots.


Well, she only said that one other girl was there so like your cheerleader, maybe you should get your facts straight.


Maybe it’s you that should get your fact straight…she said 3 others were there…one of them was in the room when it suppose to happen. And that guy denied it.

Other two said they didn’t even know Kavenough…including her Best Friend.

Either way you’re derailing this thread.

So what’s it’s going to be lib…the racist, the rapist, or the other racist?