Lib fight. Fairfax is accusing Northam


I will be honest to me he should just apologize and stick with his job, what happened in a time before “Saved by the Bell” was aired should be left in the past as long as he apologizes and moves on. I am not for judging a persons complete life by something that happened over 30 years ago. It would be different of course if they start digging up more stuff right and left and even worse more recent.

His worse mistake (imho) was backtracking by saying it was him, then saying it wasn’t. He should have just apologized and said it was a stupid thing and it doesn’t represent the man he is today. And that should be it.


I’m not the least bit surprised that is what you believe. Not the least bit surprised at all.


You’re not talking about the right person here, but that’s okay. You get a solid B for effort.


The woman is always right! Or does that only apply to the accuser of Kavanaugh :smiley:

asking for a friend


Holy crap.

Fairifax called his accuser a f-wording b*dog. So he’s done. So it looks like Virginia’s AG is going to be the-



Its crazy in VA


I’m going to be Governor.


Turtles all the way down.


First liam nielson now this lol


And funny thing is he probably has more in common with R party than he does with Dem base, him being a typical corporate Dem. So sad how much the US has moved towards the right and some fools think Clinton was a socialist, when she was the poster child for Wall Street, which is the evil of capitalism. But then again who knows with GOP since they elected a NYC elite liberal like Trump as POTUS.


I’m innocent, I voted against all 3. Where is the thing about Fairfax calling the accuser that word. Do you have a link for that one?

I’d be interested to see in what context this one about Herring and the black face. Would the guy have to resign about one time doing that? It is inexcusable but that is almost 40 years ago.

The Northam one seems to be so much worse because he was 25 years old, it is all black face, plus next to a KKK guy, and admitting it one day. Then changed his mind the next day, then said I don’t know if you know, he put some black shoe polish on in the Michael Jackson context, but he knew it was hard to take off (as though he had done it before he already knew how hard it was), and except for his wife he was going to do the moonwalk. And him pretending that he had no idea that this yearbook had these racist figures right next to his own picture.


If you’re asking me, no.

But those who do think the woman is always right but flipped are JUST LIKE those who said innocent until proven guilty, but have now flipped from that position.

Tell your friend they can defend Kavanaugh and assume the Lt. Gov’s guilt if they don’t mind looking like the hypocrite you asked about.


Absolutely shocking that any of this was going on south of the mason dixon line at any time after 1970!

It would be shocking anywhere in the country, but especially south of the mason dixon line.




The woman deserves not to be attacked and mocked, especially after acknowledging her testimony was compelling.

“I thought her testimony was very compelling, and she looks like a very fine woman to me.” - Trump the day after her testimony.

A few days later much to the delight of good republicans in the crowd:

And the woman deserves a thorough investigation of her claims be allowed.

Now you can distort that truth if you like to the ridiculous line “the woman is always right!”, but it’s a false narrative the republicans, as usual, came up with to help them feel better about their appalling behavior in order to rush Kavanaugh through.

So hopefully republicans will refrain from mocking and attacking this woman accusing the Lt. Gov. and will support a full and thorough investigation of her claims.

Do you think republicans can manage that? Asking for a friend.


Exciting times for numbers 4 through 10 in line of succession.


So what do we have?

A racist baby killer.
A rapist baby killer.
A self admitted black face racist.

Does this about sums it up?

And what do they all have in common? :thinking:


One key difference, Kavanaugh denied every having dated, or gone to a party the accuser said he was at.

The Lt Gov said he had a consentual situation with the accuser. Juuuuuuust a slight difference there.


That’s the tipping point for a presumption of innocence?

Heaven help us.


They were all in your posting instructions for today but without the actual names?.


Exactly…and if they let this guy stay, the that’s the end of dems pretense of outrage at such issues…