Let's hope this trend continues


It’s a fact. That’s how capitalism works

No, Capitalism works on competition. If a school raises their prices too much another school will end up with their students.

You haven’t read it. You should.

Indeed. Why are 70 year-old retirees paying property taxes on property they own.

Is it? What happens when other schools open and the tution costs match the voucher value?

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It’s hard to imagine a private school opening up from scratch at that price point being any good.

An exception might be a religious school subsidized by the church.

But opening a school is a tremendous undertaking. Need tons of capital.

No thanks. My tsundoku is tall enough without adding racist crap to it.

No reason they have to raise prices or lower the teacher to student ration that I can see. If they had a thousand students and a 15:1 ratio for price x, there is no reason I can see that price x needs to increase if they have two thousand. If it was profitable with a thousand students it should be just as profitable with two.

There’s that supply and demand thing too.

Demand increased quite a bit recently, private school down the road from me has doubled in size over the last two years, no big price increase.

Does everyone notice how libs view poverty when bemoaning the plight of Americans? Yet when it comes to the poverty flowing across the border they have very different views. The first type of poverty is viewed as very, very bad and used to explain/excuse those in America who don’t or can’t succeed. It’s an obstacle that is essentially impossible to overcome! Yet when it comes to the poverty flowing across the border, well that type of poverty is very, very good for country! These people are all going to easily overcome the obstacle of poverty and fulfill the American dream! Aren’t we told how the US can easily take in millions and millions of these people and not one is ever going to be a burden on the US taxpayer. And let’s not forget how great it is for the US taxpayer to be forced to provide a free education for all the children of these illegal immigrants. I guess poverty is not a problem for them? Otherwise why bring more and more in?


Then the student to teacher ratio likely increased. But also, no vouchers to drive up the price.

You can’t just sprout schools overnight when demand increases. It’s not an iPhone.

Schools today get built when neighborhoods get built. There isn’t infinite space for schools to open where people actually live and work.

Schools may not increase prices on high demand, they will just reject more students. Which defeats the purpose of “school choice”

I don’t see how that is a foregone conclusion. New students bring in new revenue to hire more teachers.


Schools have finite space.

So you build more space, not going to increase cost per student unless you outright owned your first building, rent or building payments likely already existed for previous students.

This is dumb. I don’t have and will never have children. But I pay property taxes and a lot of that goes to funding the schools in my district. Let’s say it costs 8-9k per student per year. A family of 4 can move into my district, rent an apartment and pay zero property taxes. But they will take out 16-18k a year in benefits by living here.

Now that family wants to say “I don’t like these schools and want to send my kids to schools that are private and outside the district!” and expect MY TAXES to pay for it? All the while taking money and quality from the school my taxes are supposed to support?

Cram it up your backside. If you don’t like my schools, more your ass to another district to leach off or spend your own damned money and get what you like.

Renters pay property tax, just by proxy.


Fair and fine, but even then they are taking out way more than they are putting in. I don’t have a problem with that, folks with kids are takers and I am a giver. You need to educate kids. But it takes a ton of hubris to see these same folks bitching about the schools I am forced to fund and want to just “get a check” to find private schooling.

It ain’t your money. You don’t get to spend it. Like it or lump it, Breeder.

Building more space isn’t free… a school may be able to avoid a price increase to cover the costs of more space and more teachers… but they don’t need to. Private schools are not required to accommodate in that way like public schools.

They will just reject you or charge you more. Vouchers will only exacerbate that. If the government forced price caps on private schools equal to the voucher amount AND they had to admit anyone, it wouldn’t be an issue.