Let us thank ICE Officers for helping to rid our cities of criminal illegal entrants

I thought it fit and proper, to counter our socialist Fifth Column open border crowd’s weekend attack on ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] to give a number of examples of the good work our fearless and dedicated ICE Officers are doing.

As President Trump has correctly pointed out, without ICE, many of our cities and towns would be overrun by criminal illegal entrants and we would suffer the consequences of their criminal activities.

Let us now review some of the recent good work performed by our dedicated ICE officers:

ICE arrests 162 undocumented immigrants in Southern California operation

Jun 15, 2018

”Almost 90-percent of the undocumented immigrants arrested had criminal convictions. Some of the previous convictions included voluntary manslaughter, sexual assault against a child, assault against a peace officer, weapons violations, domestic abuse, DUI, and drug possession, ICE said.”

ICE Arrests Over 250 Immigrants In Florida Sweep

March 30th, 2018

”Of those arrested by ICE during the enforcement action, 99 had criminal records that included felony convictions for serious or violent offenses, such as 1st degree murder, attempted murder, vehicular manslaughter, rape, aggravated assault, attempted robbery, battery, burglary, child neglect, cruelty toward a child, domestic violence, drugs charges such as possession and trafficking, weapons offenses, abuse of the elderly.”

”Additional convictions included driving under the influence, fraud, harboring aliens, illegal entry and re-entry to the United States, resisting an officer, traffic offenses, trespassing and workman’s compensation fraud.”

ICE arrests 82 people during 5-day operation in Virginia and DC

April 5th 2017

”Of the 82 people arrested, ICE said 68 had previous criminal convictions for crimes like armed robbery, larceny and drug distribution. They said of the remaining 14, two of them had ties to the MS-13 gang, two had outstanding final orders for removal, three had overstayed their visas, one was wanted by a foreign law enforcement entity, one was a verified human rights violator, and two had pending local charges.”

ICE Agents Arrest 107 In Philly In National Immigration Sweep

September 29, 2017

”A spokesman says 35 of the 107 people arrested had criminal convictions, 18 have pending criminal charges, 15 had been previously deported and re-entered illegally and six were fugitives with final removal orders from a judge.”

ICE Arrests Dozens On Long Island In Latest Sweep

Apr 18, 2018

”ICE officers made the arrests across New York City, Long Island and the Hudson Valley over a six-day period that started on Monday, April 9. According to ICE, 16 people in Nassau and 21 people in Suffolk were arrested. All of the 225 people arrested were violating immigration laws, ICE says, and of them, more than 180 were convicted criminals or have charges pending against them. ICE said that 80 of them had been told to leave the country and didn’t, or had been previously deported and returned illegally.”

ICE makes 60 arrests in New Jersey during five-day span

April 24, 2018

”U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 60 people in New Jersey during a five-day span, authorities announced on Monday.
The operation that ended Friday focused on people convicted of crimes such as sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence and DUI, ICE stated. Convicted criminals made up 80 percent of those arrested.”


There is no better way to weaken, destroy and subjugate a prosperous and freedom loving country than by importing the world’s poverty stricken populations into that country and making the country’s existing citizens tax-slaves to support the economic needs of such an invasion.


Most definitely! And they need us and our support now more than ever! In this case more than any other matter we’re giving our close attention … here is where us patriots – quite literally – need to keep our powder dry.


Right. It’s the mantra that ICE is solely persecuting these people who are otherwise obeying the law. It’s complete ■■■■■■■■. You never hear stories about those people because they aren’t breaking other laws and getting the attention of ICE aside from a few here and there like the Israeli doctor who couldn’t be bothered with the paperwork. :roll_eyes: It’s almost as bad as the right claiming the guy in California on welfare living off steak and lobster is representative of all people on welfare. Both sides do it to some extent to try to get support against a policy they don’t like.


I thank ICE for enforcing our immigration laws. Anyone here illegally needs to be removed.


Agree. They are performing a difficult and needed service with honor and integrity.

Thanks ICE!!!


Let us remember yesterday’s nationwide protest to close down ICE was funded by Socialist friendly, open border groups who are working to destroy and then subjugate America from within. Some of the backers of the Saturday protest were Move/On.org American Civil Liberties Union, The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, and the National Domestic Workers Alliance, the director of which, Ai-jen Poo, has, for over a year, been calling for Obama to become “Organizer-in-Chief”. It appears the “Organizer-in-Chief” has been working secretly in the background and using the tactics which helped to get him elected.

These “organizers” are very clever at creating an emotional outrage by exploiting children, using them as a weapon, just like the Viet Cong used children to deliver bombs to our troops which then blew both of them up.

And let us not forget these “organizers” have a Fifth Column media and Yellow Journalists in their corner. And they also have Hollywood’s Limousine Socialists like John Legend, trying to convince yesterday’s protestors how sympathetic he is towards the millions of illegal entrant children and their plight.

If John Legend and his wife were really as concerned about the “children’s” plight, then why hasn’t he and his squeeze taken a few hundred of these children into their $14 million plus mansion in Beverly Hills? Instead, he attacks ICE for making our inner cities safe, who fearlessly confront some of the most dangerous illegal entrant criminals, many who are MS-13 gang members. Does John Legend not care about the safety and well-being of American citizens living in our nation’s inner cities?


American citizens are sick and tired of being made into tax-slaves to finance the economic needs of millions of poverty stricken, poorly educated, low and unskilled aliens who have invaded America’s borders.

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And then there is the truth and documented facts which ought to guide us when forming our opinions.


A Supreme Court Justice’s job is to observe the plain text of our Constitution, and give effect to its documented legislative intent which gives context to its text.

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Another so called conservative kissing the boot of a federal bureaucracy. Good job guys. So small govt.

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I’m sure American citizens living in some of the cities which ICE came in and removed MS-13 gang members also thank ICE.


19 senior ICE investigators call for the agency to be disbanded saying trumps crackdown has made it harder for them to go after real criminals


(?) Right. WHAT?

The majority of illegals that ICE interacts with have felony convictions for breaking laws other than sneaking across the border. The left would have us believe they are solely going after people who are committing a misdemeanor in order to persecute them, which is ridiculous on its face. Any branch of law enforcement will not actively pursue someone until it is actually worth the time and money involved in doing so.

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So where can I find the federal court records of all these felonies cause they ain’t showing up in the data… In fact, just the opposite is starting to happen now that resources are being moved from HSI to ERO cases…

In terms of budget, although Congress, OMB, and DHS apportion initial budgets to ERO and HSI
functions, those budgets transform as immigration priorities change. In this environment, ERO
and HSI cannot build sustainable and long-term structures and processes. ERO cannot continue
to develop detention and removal efficiencies while having to share resources with HSI.
Similarly, fluctuating budget hinders its primary mission of conducting a high volume of
complex, large-scale transnational investigations. For example, the ebbs and flows of ERO
detention priorities have directly impacted HSI operations and infrastructure, including the
reprogramming of H81 funds to ERO (specifically in FY11, in FY13, and in FY16), the hiring and resourcing of H81 personnel, unplanned reductions in operational funds, and an inability to invest in tactical communications, purchase of information/evidence, travel, training, Title funding, and procurement of technical equipment, all of which are crucial to effectively conduct complex transnational criminal investigations.

Federal court records? Sure.

Never mind that ICE has to report their activity to Congress regularly.

But why believe them? I’m sure they’re just lying for the funding. :roll_eyes:

LMAO… You really don’t understand the data you are reporting… 92 percent of ICE removals were convicted criminals (I’ll leave out the felony breakdown) since that who had formerly been targeted for removals.

And I’ll even post the source you left out… https://www.ice.gov/removal-statistics/2017

Since these statistics are before the announcement of the zero tolerance policy, they really aren’t germane to the topic. Many of these removals are like this one:

It’s not just criminals — ICE is nabbing lawful permanent residents too

Now the AG is prosecuting all illegal entries and it’s causing resources to be shifted from HSI (where the felonies are prosecuted) to ERO.

You cite an article that is talking about people with previous convictions being targeted by ICE and that somehow proves your point instead of mine? Ok then. :roll_eyes:

In 2001, Jose Luis Garcia was convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence charge.

President Donald Trump has vowed to crack down on immigrants **with criminal records, ** saying they should be deported to their home countries. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have carried out a series of sweeps in California this year, detaining hundreds of people. While there has been much emphasis on the arrest of people who don’t have criminal records but are here illegally, the arrest of legal immigrants who have convictions deep in their pasts has gotten less attention.

Lawful permanent residents must meet specific criteria to be subject to removal proceedings under the Immigration and Nationality Act,

But please, tell us more how they are solely targeting people for crossing the border. :roll_eyes:

This thread is more about pounding your chest against libs than it is thanking ICE

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After waiting 32 years since the last agreement with the left was made, 12 million illegals were legalized and conservatives didn’t get squat because the laws weren’t enforce…here “we” are again. People…the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction and deservedly so. Illegal immigrants have NOT helped us. Let’s unite and agree to build a big………yuuuuuuuuuuuge……wall.

I speak in yuuuuuuuuuuuuge, general terms. There are examples otherwise and that’s what legal immigration is for.