Let us be clear. President Trump cannot shut down the federal government!


Oh looky here.

“Mr. McConnell’s distant posture reflects his new status as the man in the middle in a Capitol where Democrats now control the House of Representatives and Republicans have netted two seats to hold a 53-to-47 majority in the Senate. He has repeatedly said he will not bring up legislation that Mr. Trump does not support — a point he reiterated in a speech on Thursday on the Senate floor.

“I’ve made it clear on several occasions, and let me say it again: The Senate will not take up any proposal that does not have a real chance of passing this chamber and getting a presidential signature,” Mr. McConnell said. “Let’s not waste the time. Let’s not get off on the wrong foot, with House Democrats using their new platform to produce political statements rather than serious solutions.”


This is now officially the McConnell and Trump shut down.

Why won’t McConnell bring HR 1 up for a vote?


The Trump Republican Christmas/New Year Shutdown continues with little action from those who can end it. I applaud the Democrats in the House for doin their job.


There is no invasion. Are you enjoying the Trump Shutdown johnwk2?


Wow. So we have a new McConnell Rule. “If the president won’t sign it, we won’t waste time in congress on it.” If only that standard had applied when Obama was president.


It’s been their shutdown since day 1, regardless of what the president’s most ardent supporters claim.


With Senator McConnell, it is party over country.


Wouldn’t this be nice? No government for the next two years.


Send him a bill with $1 for the wall. Why doesn’t your hero just reverse this action below. Not only are we going to pay for the wall, we are giving Mexico 4.8 billions to build their infrastructure! LOL https://apnews.com/0fcda32812024680ad98676379c47233


Party over country? Illegal immigration is threatening the very fabric of our country and is having a devastating social and economic impact upon American citizens and their communities. This would not be the case had the Democrat Party Leadership kept its 1985 promise to build a wall and secure our border.

The Democrat Party Leadership has been encouraging this ongoing invasion of our southern border since 1985 when amnesty was granted to 2.5 million illegal entrants in return for a guarantee to build a wall and secure our border. And here we are today, almost 35 years later, and still no wall nor the securing of our border. But we do have 10-15 million new illegal entrants, and the devastating social and economic impact which American citizens suffer. The latest victims being Cpl. Ronil Singh’s wife, his 5-month-old son, and Reggie his brother. See Slain officer Ronil Singh’s wife, infant son and K-9 escorted to candlelight vigil for the latest tragedy because of illegal border crossings.

Senator McConnell, needs to hold firm and demand its time for the Democrat Party Leadership to make good on its 1885 promise. Build the freaken wall where the geographical terrain requires it, secure our borders and close the suicidal loop holes in our immigration laws. The survival of American as we know it depends upon this.


Reaching across the aisle and bipartisanship is Washington Newspeak to subvert the Constitution and screw the American People.


If you actually believe this, you should support comprehensive immigration reform. Why so much focus on a wall. It’s such a small part of the solution.


“comprehensive immigration reform” the meaningless catch-all phrased used to hide what the Democrat Leadership really wants.

I do support “comprehensive reform” and have for many years.

Build a wall where necessary and secure our border;

Severely punish those who knowingly hire illegal entrants;

Require employers to use e-verify to determine citizenship;

Close loopholes in immigration law which are being abused such as related e.g. to asylum and expand the use of expedited determinations by border patrol officers allowing them to immediately deport foreigners for illegal border crossings … allow judicial hearings in extraordinary cases only;

Evict section 8 housing tenants who house illegal entrants;

Deny children of illegal entrants to use our public school system unless an upfront fee is paid to the school;

Deny use of emergency rooms to illegal entrants for non-life threatening situations and require emergency room staff to immediately contacted ICE when illegal entrants show up for services___ they too need to use e-verify;

Provide a mandatory six month jail sentence for any foreigner caught for illegal entry a second time and then deport them and deny any future “legal entry” into the United States.

Create a merit based immigration system and reject any foreigner who cannot support themselves.

Reject any foreigner with a commutable disease, or mental disorder i.e., use the same standards used at Elis Island to determine who was allowed to enter the United States.

These are some of the “comprehensive reform” I have been in favor of.



Illegal immigration is now costing American citizens over $18 billion a year in healthcare costs alone, far more than the measly $5 billion asked for to build a wall! LINK


I agree with most of that, believe it or not.

The wall has been built in the highest priority areas. If you want to discuss expanding the wall into other areas, that would be a welcome discussion, and expenses can be negotiated.

However, the rest of your list has more impact on illegal immigration than the wall. Why choose this hill to die on.


Well, then, it appears, and I hope I am correct in thinking this, we have a common, fundamental concern ___: unregulated immigration is having a devastating social and economic impact upon American citizens and their communities. If this is true (a common fundamental concern) no wonder we have found agreement.

In regard to dying on the build-the-wall hill, the wall is no more, nor less a priority to me than the other items on the list. Having said that, it appears to me the recent optics of the participants in the “caravan” storming the fence at the Mexican/Guatemala border, and then “caravan” participants bum rushing the Mexican/United States border, has amplified the necessity of having an adequate barrier to prevent illegal border crossings. But the real “hill” as I see it is, making good on a 35 year old promise to protect our borders from illegal border crossings and discouraging illegal immigration. The wall is merely a visual symbol of a broken promise to the American people suffering under the heel of illegal immigration.

Let us not forget in 1985 when amnesty was granted to 2.5 million illegal entrants in return for a guarantee to build a wall, secure our border and discourage illegal immigration. And here we are today, almost 35 years later, and still no adequate protection at our border, nor measures taken to discourage illegal immigration or abuses of visa overstays. But we do have 10-15 million new illegal entrants, and the devastating social and economic impact which results, and is suffered by American citizens!

I think if the severity of hiring illegal entrants, or visa overstays, were optically as dramatic as our border being bum rushed, they too could be part of the “hill” to die on. In other words, the real hill is illegal border crossings and visa overstays while the wall is merely a vehicle dramatizing the necessity of once and for all dealing with this problem. And it is a hill, which I believe is worth dying on as our country’s future hangs in the balance.

Maybe, just maybe, President Trump’s unwillingness to budge, will force members of Congress to act like adults and solve this problem once and for all.


It is so sad that our nation’s moral compass, in general, has been corrupted to such a degree that there is confusion between charitable giving as distinguished from tax tyranny!


Donald is back to owning the shut down

“At first, he vowed to “take the mantle” for closing part of the federal government. Then he blamed Democrats, saying they “now own the shutdown.” By Friday, President Trump was back to owning it again. “I’m very proud of doing what I’m doing,” he declared.”


When people started calling it the Great Trump Shutdown he really liked how that sounded. Yesterday he vowed to keep the government shut down for years if that’s what it’ll take to get his wall.


It’s not a shutdown- now it’s a ‘strike’ https://twitter.com/jdawsey1/status/1081379123786858499


Yeah, it is still not an invasion. Lol


The Trump Christmas/New Year Shutdown sadly continues.


The great government shutdown of 2019/2020.