Let the total destruction of Fauci Begin... January Vaccine

Note the timeline.

I had a prescription filled once

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The googlefu experts you mean?

Complete nonsense. We can test every employee in the meat packing industry regularly both for the virus and for antibodies and Meat Packing Plants are sanitized constantly through the day and completely sanitized between every shift, it’s one of the cleanest working environments on the planet and not only are chemical and uv disinfectants utilized heavily everything is also cleaned with live steam as often as it can be.

Stick to whatever it is you think you know but this isn’t it.


Where did i say something about them Waiting for the end of phase 2. Your perennial rudeness notwithstanding this is great news

If you can’t follow the conversation you jumped into in context I’m not going to recap it for you.

Read what’s already been posted.

Rude? You get from me exactly that which you deserve.

Those are of course the only one two options. I prefer that everyone is dead so i can argue with myself on the internet. How ridiculous

Okay everyone i don’t know if you read the op but the destruction of Fauci is supposed to begin. Kindly forget about all that #FireFauci stuff, it’s actually the libs who hate him.

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destruction of Fauci?
I guess since fire fauci was already taken, i guess these TDS afflicted trump haters were ahead of the curve by…ten days

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What conversation? Mine was the third post in the thread and you responded to it.

I listed phase i and phase 2. Didn’t say anything else about those phases.

Rudeness … perennial. Keep going please. Pretty pretty please .

No smart guy, read the timeline, he repeated the 12-18mo timeline in March which all of our “experts” were sticking to like it had come down from the mountain on stone tablets carried by Moses claiming it was impossible to do it any faster and derided me endlessly for saying I’m sure that indeed it is possible if the need is great enough.

It would be better from January. It would be faster. I am all for faster.

The hell?

I am a smart guy January comes before March so 12 months from January would be sooner than 12 feom March

thats excellent. Still rude. I like you though.

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I thought it might be a typo.

Good find and great news.

The right people are working hard on this.

Nope. It’s a word - to englishmen.

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Have to file that one away for a choice use later.

Actually those are the only two options. We either use what’s available right now or we just keep piling bodies up while awaiting the completion of enough clinical’s to decide what’s absolutely effective. If nothing is so proven, under the traditional model we just keep piling them up saying, “well, we tried”.

“Two People’s separated by a common Language”-W. Churchill.

Stick to what you know, this ain’t it. The revisionism is nauseating.

What is it you supposedly do in the industry again? :rofl:

It would help to explain the unusually rapid timeline if Bill Gates already had been working on a vaccine in parallel with the Chinese working on their virus before it’s escape, and if Bill Gates and WHO and Chinese leaders have been cooperating for some time.