Let the total destruction of Fauci Begin... January Vaccine

Being the nice guy I am I won’t call anyone out but our forum “experts in the industry” who have been dead wrong about this outbreak constantly since we first began talking about it in January have done it again.

Exactly as I’ve said all along, if we have the need and all goes well in the human trials, yes we’ll have a vaccine in brad distribution first for our Medico’s/FR’s then the most vulnerable by fall and if all goes well hundreds of millions of doses in wide distribution for the general public by January.

As myself and others have argued throughout the vaccine discussion it’s absolutely doable IF the regulatory state simply gets out of the way and the administration works hand in hand with the private sector to maximize their capabilities for both development and production.

If anything can be done, we are the nation that can do it when nobody else would even believe it possible.

Time to throw Fauci under the bus of course for proving the President was right when he said “We Can”.


let the denial begin!

12 months from January

Clinical trials phase 1. Clinical trials phase 2.

Great news

Now back to our regular scheduled program of making things up.

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I hope that his optimism is correct and it would be on the low end of the estimate ( 12 months) instead of the high end.


The best part is the complete misunderstanding of the difference between looking for a magic pill versus taking the time to properly develop something

Wasn’t 12 months always considered the low end? Seems like they may hit the low end… so what exactly is @WildRose spiking the football about?


Dr. Fauci put so many caveats in there it’s not even funny.

Almost none of which had to do with “the regulatory state”.

The vaccine that’s in the lead is an RNA vaccine…an experimental approach that has never produced a vaccine yet.

Fauci happens to be in love with it…that’s fine, but his bias is showing.

I put the odds at a January launch at well under 10%.

You don’t just create vaccines out of an experimental approach and expect “everything to fall into place”.

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What are you chuntering on about. Fauci always said a vaccine could be available in 12-18 months but he urged caution.

No one ever said they did not want to have a vaccine as soon as possible but that we should not pin all our hopes on a vaccine.

And what happens if its not an American company that gets a vaccine first. You do reallze its not just the US racing to find a vaccine.

It would be poetic justice if some small country got there first and then charged the US extortionate amounts of money for the vaccine. The free market at work.

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No one’s going to be charging a lot of money for this vaccine.

And if they do it right it should be high risk groups first via a lottery system.

I know that. I was just saying it would be poetic justice if it did happen to the US. Wonder what the opinion of the free market would be by those who tell us to always let the market decide.

If only there was some multinational health organization that was collectively working on a vaccine that the US could take the lead in developing and distributing.

We should make sure we have something like that for next time.

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maybe you missed the part where the most vulnerable could be getting it in the fall.

I don’t see anything different with what he has already stated.

While a January 2021 timeline may seem shocking for people who kept hearing “12 to 18 months,” Fauci noted that when he first started giving that timeline, it was back in January and February. So, it isn’t all that different from his original statements, but he added it’s “aspirational.”

It’s helpful if you actually read.

In this case two vaccines already skipped animal testing and went straight to human trials cutting at least six months off the previous record.

In this case we’re also skipping phase two trials if the safety and efficacy from Phase one look good going into full production immediately.

As he said a few weeks ago instead of a normal phase 2 round of trials it will be made broadly available to Medico’s/ FR’s and those at highest risk/most vulnerable beginning in the fall, again, assuming all goes well to that point and just as we were resoundingly derided for even suggesting in broad distribution and use by Dec/Jan for the General public.

This is some of the best news we’ve heard since CCPV emerged.

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Nobody is looking for magic. We’re hoping to find something we already have existing that can be used effectively right now in the middle of this pandemic rather than sitting around with our thumbs up our butts for years of trials while thousands die needlessly.

I supposed you’d prefer to just keep stacking bodies in trailers till then keeping the country under lockdown?

You’ve been dead wrong on this since day one, quit pretending.

Stick to what you know, this obviously ain’t it.

The only way we’re this far ahead already is the fact it was fast tracked and allowed to proceed directly to human trials and the only way it will be widely deployed for those most in need early in the fall is further regulatory bypassing.

The only way it’s then in broad distribution by late Dec/Jan is the fact all the regulatory hurdles have been removed that can be safely and the fact they’ll proceed directly to full production ASAP at the end of Phase one if it looks good instead of the norm which is waiting until Phase II is complete.

What exactly is it that you supposedly do “In the Industry”?

Where and how did you acquire all that supposed “Insider Industry Information and Expertise” you brag about?

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The hope was it would be ready for human trials by that time, not full distribution. We’re expediting this timeline now by close to a year overall.

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It will be in full distribution by late Dec/Jan on the new timeline, Phase II broad deployment to Medico’s and Those at highest risk has been accelerated by at least 3-4 months on this timeline if all goes well.