Legalizing Psychedelics


Anything can kill you, although unless you’re taking DMT orally with MAOI’s while on certain anti-depression drugs, your chances of inhaling a lethal dose of DMT are slim-to-none.


I’m going to have to read up on it. Sounds scary as hell, but interesting.


I have that book! I haven’t read it yet, just skimmed through it, and there’s a part I read through where him recalling an experience made me feel anxious. I’ll look through it later today and try to find it.


You should rightly feel trepidation around psychedelics. Large doses are extremely disorienting and for some dangerous.

I frankly think that they should be researching micro doses much more because that is a more likely avenue for most people.


I know a guy who took sixty hits of blotter acid and recovered completely after a couple of weeks lol. Not everything can kill you. Another who several times took eight to ten hits.


Mm. So, my daughter tries them like once or twice a year. Does that sound reasonably safe? I certainly don’t want her to have a problem but she’s far beyond the age of my having a say-so, lol.


I typically take 800 - 1,000 ug per session. Anything past that and I can’t tell the difference anyway. Waste not want not! :smiley:


If you are interested in reading what is perhaps the best written description of an acid trip out there, (which is similar to shrooms) check out Phil Lesh’s book Searching For The Sound.


Regardless of dose, you build an instant tolerance/immunity to the effects. 2 weeks and your body is typically back to baseline. It just doesn’t make sense to try and make it a daily habit. Unless you’re particularly ■■■■■■ in the head like I am, once or twice a year is likely gonna be more than enough to answer most of your introspective questions. Just keep in mind that truths you find are your truths, not other people’s truths (that’s how religions get started).


I have no idea how much active ingredient is in any dose. Five or six shrooms, a single hit of blotter or half a hit if it’s strong stuff or whatever. Trusted sources are what counts.


I agree 100%. I have “a guy” that I’ve trusted with my life in combat. His are typically 200ug per tab (the average being 100-150ug per tab for most folks), which means 8 - 10 tabs per session.

He’s a chemist and I’m a mathematician, so together we have the privilege of knowing the exact ratios. I would never-ever-ever-ever-EVER buy anything from a source I can’t trust or know personally, including cannabis.

Veterans have done more to combat PTSD with psychedelics and cannabis than any pharmaceutical ever has with their side-effect-ridden garbage. It’s become a big part of our culture.


I’m a mushroom fan myself and here in Oregon there are a number of naturally growing psychedelic species including Psylocibe azurescens, P semilanceata and P cyanescens. And yes in terms of dosage I always think it’s smart to weigh out the dose to get an accurate understanding of likely effects.


Golden Teacher is my favorite experience in Oregon. :slight_smile:


Is that a term for P cubensis? Yeah that Is the granddaddy of all mushrooms and is much brighter, visionary and stimulating than the Native species here.


I have zero doubt that is true. I don’t know how much you’ve looked into micro dosing, but it’s very interesting. You do a tenth of a hallucinogenic size dose of psilocybin for a number of days in a row and it kinda gets you in the groove of being automatically introspective without even trying while at the same time, for most people at least, tackling symptoms of depression for a goodly while. There is more to it of course but that’s what the internet is for.

GAH! This auto refresh is going to drive me away from this dump!


Someone who isn’t me microdoses 1/8th of a gram of stems with breakfast every morning, and he experiences precisely what you just mentioned (along with colors and edges seemingly in higher definition). It has a very positive effect on one’s sense of empathy as well.


Whatever ones grow here in Florida are what I’m familiar with. I can identify them in the field but Latin names etc.? LOL, no clue.


Cannabis will increase the empathy as well, at least in my experience but I don’t partake in that any more. As my arthritis progresses though I do think about it.


I forgot who posted this last night, but your timing couldn’t have been more perfect. lol


I would definitely go smaller. I think I’m just wanting to experience the moving visuals and not looking for anything really strong. Keep us updated with the signatures, and I think you’d make a great guide. :slight_smile: