Legalizing All Illegal Drugs


What? 10 Char.

I was showing devil worshippers who voted for Bernie sanders in the link above.
type it in a search yourself, and I’m
sure even a liberal source of news will tell the same thing, but in their version.


So a few whackjobs voted for Bernie. Is that different than Nazis voting for Trump?

I challenged you to show me proof of open border democrats, but if that’s too much for you…

And like I said, I am not going to open a link to infowars, it’s garbage.


Wait, you dont think we landed on the moon?


People already know that most Democrat Politicians don’t support border funding for the wall.

The Democrat Politicians go after the Illegal immigration vote.

Obama told ICE to look the other way, when it came to heavily
populated areas where he knew that Illegals normally cross.


So you can’t show me proof of open border democrats like you keep saying, got it.


The New York Times is very Liberal. Rolling is very Liberal
Weed is very Liberal.

So a Liberal (Alex Berenson), who use to work for The New York Times(which is
very Liberal), has been discredited by more Liberals? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


So no liberals can have an anti-weed agenda?


Not everyone who works at the Times is a liberal.


Actions speak louder than words.

I wonder if the American people prefer Actions from a Politician
about what they say they’re going to do and represent their voters with when they run for office, or Words?

Trump tries to actually live up to what he preaches, and keep his promises.


None of that explains how it will be forced down your throat.


Dude. You keep talking about democrats being for open borders but you provide no evidence whatsoever. One can only conclude that you are just making that ■■■■ up. If you want to partake in debate, you have a responsibility to back up radical claims with evidence. And yes open borders is a radical concept, virtually every democrat on capital hill thinks it’s radical. Your claim is erroneous.


Do you think the moon landing was a hoax?


More like the author was discredited by the very experts he relied on to form his opinion.


then pass law to make it so you can’t smoke around children which should already exist for cigarettes


uuum What?
10 Char


You want to make drugs illegal? What’s next, make eating broccoli illegal?


Would you like certain groups passing laws teling you what you can and cant do with your body?

Fine, go with that. Think you gotten a little preview of that so far. Keep pushing the thought its good for the government to pass laws doing so and think it will only happen according to your political and moral leanings. You want a can of worms opened, be my guest.


Not no but hell no. We have too many legal ways to cook our brains now. Kids have already become too lazy to think for themselves, removing their ability to do so legally would make it even worse in the future.

This country has enough challenges in the future, this would make things far worse than better.


Someone gets it


We’ve had exactly that for as long as gov’t has existed as a concept. One of the biggest arguments we hear from your side is that we have to protect “the public” by limiting all sorts of freedoms from what we can eat, drink, and in what quantities, to what standards will be set for tobacco and other drugs, to what kind of cars we drive, how they will be powered, to what kind and who gets to own guns.

You’re just picking and choosing now because it’s something you want.