Legalizing All Illegal Drugs


First Democrat Politicians are being able to legalize Pot/Weed, and now
it’s Illegal Magic Mushrooms that they’re trying to next. What’s next? Cocaine, Crack, and Heroine? Why do Democrat Politicians want to legalize so many Illegal Drugs?

Do Most Americans approve of legalizing all of these Illegal Drugs?
Or is it another thing that the Democrats are forcing down Americans throat?

How many people’s lives, and how many family’s lives have been ruined by
Illegal Drugs in America. Addiction is an epidemic!

Is there a relation as to why the Democrats don’t want a border wall,
and to help bring Illegal Drugs along our Southern border to a stop,
and why they’ve been so weak on border security?

Well, this would make sense with their Socialist Anarchist Agenda.

Maybe we should talk to Families that have lost a loved one to a drug
overdose, or an addiction to illegal drugs, and ask them what they
think of making illegal drugs legal?


Ummm, people are voting for what they want.

Self determination.

Expansion of personal liberty.

What kind of big gummint nanny stater could be against that?


I’m not for banning anything that can be grown and consumed in his original form.


It’s already been voted down before in Cali.

I’m sure that the Democratic Party will keep bringing it up, and keep
bringing it up, and keep bringing it up, no matter how many times
it gets voted down from the American people, until they can
force it down peoples throats, and persuade them overtime finally
to vote it in.

It just takes time, and forcing things upon Americans, and ultimately
people finally come around, after it is forced.

In the meantime, it’s just like forcing Obamacare on everyone in America.
Or Abortion.


So anything in its “original form” illegal drugs wise currently is ok, and not banned?


so things should only be allowed to be voted on once?


What happened to Republican be for small government?


I’m enjoying some nice legal OG Kush as I type


I had some earlier.


That’s only decriminalizing. Oregon, I think, is voting on legalization.


Can you show that it was the Democrat party who was behind the measure and not a special interest group?


I didn’t say that, but it will be another thing forced down the American Peoples throats.

Democratic Politicians are great at doing such things.


Voters having a say aren’t having anything forced down their throats


how is something forced on people if its passed by referendum.


Are politicians pushing it, or are they putting up bills that people want to vote on?


are people forcing you to smoke pot or magic mushrooms?


Legalizing rape would reduce the size of government too…are you now suggesting that be legalized?


Does someone smoking weed at home harm someone, as rape does?


are you comparing mushroom and pot to rape?


Probably the strangest comparison I’ve ever heard.