Legalizing All Illegal Drugs


The line for me would be drawn at harming another person, so I guess murder is out, damn it.


Why not just say there are no laws either? You can walk down the street and shoot anyone, and they can shoot you, just because they “feel” like it.

Sounds like the current Liberal Socialist Anarchist Agenda to me.


The devil made me do it!


It’s certainly not drawn at bizarre paranoid conspiracies


But why stop there? If murder helped your migraines go away, then wouldn’t it be justified?

Or something else that is currently illegal, that isn’t a drug?


And we’ve gone full circle back to the fact that murder harms others. Smoking cannabis and destroying a bag of Doritos does not


Do you mean Conspiracies that the Far left enjoy making up with no
rational or logical backings?

Like Global Warming,
Moon Landing,

Maybe that’s why Democratic Politicians like Illegal Aliens so much, is
because they believe in Aliens, and extra terrestrials?


Try staying on topic PocketAces. I was talking about the paranoid notion of potheads conducting murder sprees


Carpe, will anyone force you to use marijuana if it becomes legalised?


I do know that the chances of Paranoia going up with people that smoke pot yes.
That’s just common sense. I never brought up anything about murder with people that smoke pot though.


That’s the line you tried to draw


of course not, but I’d feel less safe to live in a state that allows it to be legalized.

I’m guessing that is part of the Liberal Socialist Politics Agenda though.

I mean strategic wise, they’re really smart. I give them that much.
I guess nobody has really taken the time to break down what they’re doing,
and to tear it apart, and expose the truth.

I have the time. :slightly_smiling_face:


But drinking does not directly harm people who are in the same area.
Smoking weed in a home with children and with pets cause them harm. Also most small children will take one taste of alcohol and not take another drink. But so many people are putting weed in normal things a child would eat that it could cause harm or death if they ate that product.


Children don’t ever get alcohol poisoning?


That would explain Devil worshippers voting for Bernie Sanders.

Devoted Socialist. Democrat Politicians with open borders, allowing
the drugs to pour in across our boarders.


I’ve never heard of small children eating alcohol laced gummy bears.


As long as the parents are responsible enough to lock up the alcohol and everything else that needs to stay away from a child, then it’s very unlikely that they ever would.

Smoking pot is worse than smoking cigarettes around a child, and blowing it directly in their faces.


If they pay for the room and are respectable then it’s not any business of mine what they pour on themselves


Show me these open border politicians, with proof.

Don’t show me krap from infowars, I won’t read that ridiculousness. It is the most untrustworthy source of news imaginable, pure garbage.


That’s making a pretty large assumption that all alcohol users are responsible and that all Cannabis users are not

I don’t know a single cannabis user who smokes around their child.