Leftist Violent attacks on Politicians continue-Attempt to Kill Republican candidate


Yes. I already explained them. Again, I acknowledged there were other acts of violence that day which could be attributed to each “side.” That is literally what the last sentence is saying.


You never mentioned them at all and when I did you totally dismissed them just as you had when others brought it up.


Where? Quote me. So far the only thing you’ve shown is that I said the other acts of violence committed that day could be attributed to both sides.


sure they are


More examples since I made this thread:

This one in August

Last week, a man was indicted for threatening to kill Republican Rep. Diane Black. “They were serious enough threats that the grand jury did take action,” Black said in an interview with Fox News…

This month, Black’s fellow GOP congressman, Jason Lewis, says his daughters were threatened. A man threatened to chop up Sen. Rand Paul’s family with an ax.

A man accused of threatening U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, his family and an unnamed Oregon state official in phone calls and emails appeared in federal court in Portland Monday afternoon.

Nathaniel Blaine Luffman, 32, was arrested in Berkeley, California, earlier this month and transferred to Oregon to face a four-count federal indictment.

A U.S. Capitol Police investigation found Luffman sent an email about 7:49 a.m. on June 25 to several Oregon state employees and a U.S. Capitol police special agent with a subject line identifying two people as "Found Dead Execution/Suicide,’’ according to a criminal complaint.


Nathaniel B. Luffman

In the email, Luffman is accused of threatening to "gut’’ Paul like a hog, as well as his wife and children, and included the hashtag #ObamaforLife.

“In the wake of his vote to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday, Republican Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., revealed to Fox News on Sunday that his wife had received a graphic text message with a video depicting a beheading, and that someone has publicly posted the names and addresses of his family members.”

Democrats are rarely asked about this. Maxine Waters, Cory Booker agitate, Coons recently seemed to rationalize anger against Republicans. Media rarely ask them to condemn threatening congressmen/Senators.




So it’s Trump’s fault people are acting this way. Got it.


What about a judge who claims that as a Latina she can make a better judgment than a white man?

Oh yeah, you support her.


to all leftist payback is a bitch when it comes you will be so sorry.


What’s gonna happen? Elements of the right will start being rude and nasty to democrats? I have no idea how we’re going to deal with such an unprecedented change in civil discourse.


The Left wants Anarchy. At Aretha Franklin’s funeral, the Democrats dishonored and disgraced the memory of Aretha by making it into a political spectrum. They also told Maxine Watters that they fully back her up, and support her when she told people to attack Trump supporters.


Well, since that isn’t what she ACTUALLY said, we can disregard your assessment of the statement to begin with, now can’t we?


Right wing jackasses don’t necessarily need an excuse to act out. But the right certainly had NO problem blaming President Obama for a lot of people’s bad behavior, did you?


Really? Where are the attacks on leftist anchors and commentators in restaurants, outside their homes, at their workplace, etc. oh that’s right there isn’t any!!


Take a look at what waters and Booker said. They pushed for what is going on. Now that their plans are in operation, they sit back quietly as their useful idiots carry out their plans.



Trump quotes from Topeka Kansas:

[quoteIn the face of the Democrats. Shameless. Destruction. Since the moment Brett Kavanaugh. Was today. And you remember this. We made an announcement and since right from the moment we announced radical Democrats launched a disgraceful campaign. To resist. Obstruct. Delay demolish and destroy. Right from the beginning.[/quote]

[quoteIt can change. The Democrats want to significantly raise your taxes. Essentially. They want to impose socialism. Venezuela. Dismantle law enforcement and eliminate our borders. They want to have nice open borders. Bill. The Democrats have become the party of crime. They have become the party of crime. Think of it Republicans are the party of law and order and justice.[/quote]

Nooooooooooo! It isn’t republicans preaching hate…nooooooooooooooo


What part of that isn’t true?



So Democrats want to dismantle law enforcement and eliminate our borders?




Sanctuary cities are all liberals ideas. I would say that Democrats should show more order and respect for the law before anyone would believe liberals are wanting border protection.