Leftist Violent attacks on Politicians continue-Attempt to Kill Republican candidate

A Republican House candidate in California was attacked over the weekend by a man upset with the president and politics, authorities said.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office said the incident happened at the Castro Valley Fall Festival Sunday afternoon and ended without serious injuries. The suspect, Farzad Vincent Fazeli, was arrested on charges of making criminal threats, exhibiting a deadly weapon and possessing a switchblade.

The alleged victim, Rudy Peters, who is running for the 15th Congressional District of California, told the San Francisco Chronicle a man walked up to his booth at the festival and made a series of “disparaging remarks” about Republicans and some of the party’s leadership, including President Donald Trump.

“All of a sudden we hear someone screaming, ‘(expletive) Trump, (expletive) Trump!’” Peters told the newspaper, adding the man also held up his middle finger.

James Hodgkinson a Sanders supporter who worked in Sanders campaign attempted to kill Scalise and identified where the Republicans were and attempted to shoot down the Republicans. He volunteered for Sanders campaign. The only reason why it wasn’t a mass murder because Scalise had security there, if not for him, there would have been no one with guns to fight back and would have been a killing field. Paul would have died, who also by they way, after this was attacked by a rabid Democrat who attacked him over his politics and had bones broken, and on the Hannity page last year, the political attack was downplayed by liberals.

Maxine Waters supports attacking, getting in the face of people in the Trump cabinet, and Keith Ellison supported Antifa


Amazing that this violence coming from the left is generally overlooked, briefly mentioned if at all, but somehow focus on Trump statements but leftists actually do the violence.

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Mental illness.



That is what TDS is.

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Hmm, I wonder what Democrats were recently almost mass murdered with guns, attacked with knifes, got broken ribs, by a Republican campaign volunteer, ran Democratic politicians out of restaurants, and were shut down by Republican volunteers who covered their faces and burned down stuff. What recent campaign volunteers, were ‘mentally ill’ that physically attacked Democrats.

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mental illness. Stop blaming the weapons used.

So in the past year, it is ‘mentally ill’ Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer types and Democrats who are mentally ill. I wonder if some of that rhetoric that comes from the demagoguery that those who voted for Trump are ‘racists’, or as Clinton said are homophobes, sexist, Islamaphobe, misogynist, etc. Just identifying people that way makes em easier to attack, and may help cause some of that ‘mental illness’ no?

I’m out…

It’s mental illness

I blame michelle obama. She said, “when they go low, we go high”, but she is yet to condemn any of these violent acts by her husband’s supporters.

She must enjoy the violence.

who cares what manchelle Obaman thinks?

I don’t care weather it was mental illness or whether he was drunk, I am getting tired of Republicans getting pushed around by the Democrats and by the fake news media I say Republicans start fighting back next time some democrat gets in your face knock him out that’s what he wants to do to you

The two year tantrum is coming to a head and two years of the constant ramping up of hate was bound to explode sooner or later.

He isn’t blaming the weapons.

Yes, deranged rhetoric can make mentally ill people do stupid things.


Nice try but it isn’t republicans preaching hate and fomenting racism.

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Trump literally preaches hate and foments violence against the media every day.

That’s pure BS, he has never once encouraged anyone to act violently against anyone in the media.

Not directly, of course. He just calls them the enemy of the people and let’s his followers draw their own conclusions, like the guy in the link.

It’s a dangerous illness and completely un-American.

Trump has never labeled the whole of the media as the enemy of the people, only those he deems are spreading “fake news”.

When the so called news journalists become blind partisans they are the enemy of the people and they are violating the most basic tenets of journalistic ethics.