Leftist Violent attacks on Politicians continue-Attempt to Kill Republican candidate


You’re parsing his words for him. According to Trump all media that disagrees with him is fake and the enemy of the people. That’s dangerous and un-American.


I’m not parsing anything, it’s what he’s stated repeatedly.


Every negative story about him is fake news according to Trump. But whether it’s all of the media or just some, the point is that he calls them the enemy of the people, fomenting violence.


And repeating the claim won’t make it true.


Denying it won’t make it false. I posted a link from Trump’s favorite network (not fake news) that shows it plainly.


Strange event, happened right in my backyard. It’s clear that the guy is mentally disabled. But it can’t be ignored that Trump has pushed a button with a whole lot of crazy people: many (including here) love him beyond reason and without reservation. Others, less so.


You’ve done no such thing.

You don’t like Trump, we get it, that doesn’t make what you are preaching here factual.


Trump hammers the point that (some of) the media is the enemy of the people over and over again. Boston Globe publishes negative editorial about Trump. Trump supporter threatens Boston Globe with violence over said editorial. Probably no connection.


The guy was a lone nut. Now if Trump supporters around the country were attacking random media people you might have an actual point.

Neither of course is true.


Republicans are lone nuts and Democrats are regular people incited to violence by over-the-top rhetoric?


You don’t have to be a nut to believe that racist white nationalists want to do you harm.

Seriously, use that thing on your shoulders for a moment and think.


Quite specific.


That would be the context of the discussion.

Try reading before posting.


The OP isn’t about the media. But it is interesting how you had to qualify your statement to specify the media,


I wasn’t replying to the OP.

As I said, try reading before posting.


And trump’s harshest critic goes out of his way to minimize trump’s calls to violence. Okey dokey.


Trump has issued no such calls to violence.

Quit making things up.


these guys are simply in a republican zone. they don’t step out of it for fear of getting their world view crushed.

oh, and this thread is another one thread poster. we’ve have a lot of those lately. very interesting to say the least.


all these non-Trump Trump supporters are the same. their words scream of their real intentions.


Are you attempting to defend Antifa? :rofl: