Leftist Violent attacks on Politicians continue-Attempt to Kill Republican candidate


it’s mental illness


Yeah…I know…the meme has “evolved” and now…libs…are distancing from them…carry on.


Saying Antifa is an accepted wing of the democrat party is like saying the KKK or neo-Nazis are an accepted part of the republican party. Both parties try to use fringe groups to vilify an entire base.


Wow…and it was only a year ago libs were defending their own in Charlottesville. Sorry my friend…the history books have been written. You can now attempt to spin this any way you choose…


Libs defending the militant Antifa? Or stating Antifa wasn’t responsible for deaths? Big difference.


Libs defended Antifa…period. Allow me to jog your memory and for 1 million dollars…why did Trump have to say “there were two sides”?


There were two sides. That doesn’t mean “libs” supported Antifa. Maybe you can link to that history book you were talking about.


Why did Trump get ■■■■■■■ roasted for saying there were two sides? Now be honest…why was that? Libs own the honest answer.


It wasn’t that he said there were two sides. No one disputes that. Its that instead of condeming the subgroup of the side held responsible for a death, the neo-Nazis and white supremacists, he said both sides contained good people.


The lib media wanted to blame everything on one side…not the government who revoked a legally obtained permit and then herded those peaceful protestors into a group of protestors who came to be violent that were waiting for them. Then all hell broke loose. I’m not defending racism but I am defending their right to protest and free speech…even if it offends me?


Nothing wrong with protesting. There is something wrong when protests turn to violence and death. Neither the revoked permit nor logistics caused a death. A person in a car with extreme views did.

I blame the people responsible and the ideologies that enable it to happen. The president chose not to.


not whitewash…just parse something in order to argue…Classic rose. I know his end game here…Its cool


None of those articles accuse Trump of heading a white supremacist takeover of the United States. They state Trump is sympathetic to the movement, just like I said.

Why do so many of your responses to me include a personal insult? Do you think insulting me helps convince me that you’re right?


And yet you folks continually put all the blame for the violence that occurred on one group and excuse that of the other.


The president put the blame on the one individual who caused it.

You folks continue excusing the violence committed by antifa and their supporters.


No, I do however realize you’re too lazy to look for your own information.

Each of those articles ties Trump directly to the supposed rise of white supremacy and one openly accuses him of taking it world wide.

Apparently you didn’t even bother to read them.


But that’s not what you said. You said the media accused Trump of heading a white supremacist takeover of the United States. Now you’ve moved the goalposts.


Co leader Keith Ellison pictured on his own twitter page with Antifa, bragging how Trump fears Antifa. The equivalent is a pictured smiling Trump, or any Republican smiling with Meim Kampf. Haven’t seen that.


Starting it in the US and then taking it worldwide. Read the damned article.


You posted a bunch of links. Which one says Trump is leading white supremacist takeover of the US and taking it worldwide.