Leftist Violent attacks on Politicians continue-Attempt to Kill Republican candidate


So Trump is responsible for the things he says and the way they can be interpreted by his supporters? Which is it?

You made a blanket statement about the main stream media, it’s up to you, not me, to prove it. Until then it was an unsubstantiated accusation.


uh huh

ten char


So I’m now supposed to prove a negative?

He’s never called for violence against anyone in the media and you cannot show that he has.


if you cant prove a negative, then dont make the case for a negative.

seems fairly simple


The persona I initially replied to made the clam that he has. The fact is he hasn’t and no one can show that he has.

The onus is on you to prove otherwise.


not buying into your argument isnt ankle biting.


what you responded to or didnt respond to is not my problem. I said he incited acts of violence. You need to cherry pick a group to have a point, then thats your deal not mine.


He has never explicitly called for violence against the media. That would be a step too far, even for Trump. Calling them the enemy of the people should be too far too.


Violating their ethics as journalists was a step way too far making them the enemy of the people.

They are and have been doing everything they can to foment rebellion since he was elected and with each day they ramp it up even more.

When you claim the president is a Traitor falsely, and that he’s behind a white sucpremacist takeover of the country falsely, that is intentionally attempting to bring the country to rebellion and an attempt to remove the lawfully elected President by Force.


Quite the opposite. You asserted a positive - the main stream media is a…”constant drumbeat of racism, claims of treason on the part of Trump, and labeling even attempting to enforce immigration law as being racist.”

The negative would be to say the main stream media doesn’t do those things.

Trump has not explicitly called for violence against the media, but his words can be interpreted that way. I am not alone in that assertion.


You lost the plot somewhere. Plasma and I are talking specifically about one thing.


You’re confusing the enemy of the people with the enemy of Trump.


They are the enemy of peace in the nation which makes them the enemy of the people. It doesn’t matter who is in the WH.


Why isn’t Fox the enemy of the people?


I don’t see the media advocating for armed rebellion. If any reporters are, that would be against the law.


Dude has no argument. Just a desperate attempt to whitewash Trump’s overt calls for violence.


Fomenting, not advocating.

Telling the country is being led by a traitor who is behind a white supremacist takeover of the country is most certainly fomenting rebellion.

Lying about both in an attempt to get the president removed from office is definitely fomenting rebellion.


I haven’t seen anything in the news about a white supremacist takeover, just that Trump is sympathetic to them. As for traitor, I guess that depends on your view of Russian election collusion, which is an ongoing investigation. You can probably find media members who have said over-the-top things, but those are lone nut jobs.


Have you ever bothered to attempt to get information for yourself?



Amazing this thread is on how Left Wing activists have harassed and attempted to slaughter politicians, Trump cabinet members, beat up plentyof non-racists, Rand Paul violent Antifa attacks on anybody who is not a socialist, and a prominent member of the Democratic Party (Ellison) supports Antifa, most people attacked have not made sometimes careless Trump statements, (Rand Paul was part of the slaughter field attempt by Hodgkinson and attacked by a rabid Democrat, there’s no history of racism in him, and it gets diverted to sometime stupid Trump statements. Left wingers seek to divert from their language leading to people getting threatened and in some cases violently attacked. .