Leftist Violent attacks on Politicians continue-Attempt to Kill Republican candidate


Back to this, Wildrose.


Trump has never called for violence against anyone in the media period.


Snicker…there is video and everything…lol


Then provide it


Yes. My mistake. A sociology professor, preacher and author, who was a guest on MSNBC, is a leading voice of the democratic party. Didn’t have to dig too deep in the barrel for that one I hope. Should we google the opinions of Fox news guests to see what gems we can find?


Channeling Sean Spicer, I see.


Stop throwing around the word “mental illness” so readily. We don’t know yet if he actually had a mental illness.


Antifa is anarchists, they are not Democrats and most of them are anti-democrat also, it just that neo-nazis are a fascist wannabe and that is what sets them off.


Ok…before you flag it or parse it away.

Like I said…there is even video…

I really dont care how you attempt to spin this…you are wrong


Where did I say anything about leading voices in the democratic party? I was specifically discussing the main stream media and that’s what you quoted and replied to.

Quit moving the goal posts.


Anyone who goes after a political figure and tries to stab him is mentally ill. Not sure what type person you are but I don’t think that is the mind of a stable person doing something like that.


None of this is directed at anyone in the media, try again.


Then why was the DNC and many candidates openly courting them for the last few years?

How do they vote?


Yeah I figured you were gonna hide behind the media angle…

Boring…I said violence…not just towards one group that you cherry picked.


I’m not hiding behind anything, that was the context of the entire discussion.


Moving the goalposts? If “main stream media” equals anyone who has ever commented for a major news outlet you have to be oblivious to say the right wing news outlets aren’t just as guilty.

Besides, the OP was about democrats inciting violence towards republicans. It’s been derailed into a hypocritical attack on “main stream” media ever since the incendiary comments of Trump were brought up.


True but it may not be the motivator behind the shooting. We can’t just excuse these people’s actions because they are “mentally ill.” It is an explanation, but not an excuse.


If you can’t follow the conversation, don’t jump in and don’t assert things to me I have never posted.

I’m not the one who started making claims that Trump has been fomenting violence against the media, I simply responded to it.


You’ve made it clear that unless Trump explicitly says “be violent towards the media,” he is not culpable for his words and actions. Since you wanted to be so specific, I asked you to back your claim of the “main stream media” and their vitriol…

…your best example was a guest sociology professor.


I made no such assertion.

As for the second I gave you one place to start exactly as I stated. I’m not going to play fetch for you all day.