Law of unintended consequences: Quarantines can kill people

You know that isn’t true so why you keep repeating it?

First levels of red tape were out of the way with the First National Health Emergency declaration.

The rest could not even begin to be circumvented until there was a declared National Emergency.

You know this.

Of course at the same time this Administration was taking action you were declaring those actions racist xenophobic blah blah blah blah blah


Maybe he’s writing a novel. :wink:

What could not begin to be served until there was a declared national emergency?

Circumvented, Google doesn’t like my accent.

The CDC couldn’t ramp up testing until a national emergency was declared? Pretty sure that’s not true and they just dropped the ball

Believe it or not the cdc’s capabilities are limited.

That’s why they could only produce and only process so many tests per day.

Only once we had an emergency a National Emergency declaration could even more regulations be circumvented allowing private labs to both produce and run their own tests.

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The only thing that limited them from a faster rollout of widespread testing was incompetence

No. Pretty sure it was them botching the first testkits and being generally ill prepared

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Pure partisan fabrication.

The CDC has limited capability.

No it’s not. They straight ■■■■■■ up the first set of test kits

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We all know there was a problem with the first batch of test kits.

That doesn’t change the fact that they have very limited capacity to produce and process the test

Mass production of millions of test kits could only be accomplished in a short time once we got Private Industry involved.

Even with the executive powers granted under the national emergencies act the FDA is still delaying approval of the private test.

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So then you believe that Trump, before other world leaders, decided to end travel from China against the recommendations of the WHO on his own, without the advice of experts? Wow. You must really believe he is a stable genius then.


Do I believe that Trump was more concerned about his election chances than any amount of deaths that could be forthcoming from an unknown virus, well pretty obvious that is the case. Just as much as his dumb ass thinking he is going to “reopen” the government 2 weeks from now. That won’t be happening either btw I don’t believe.

What do you know about creating accurate test kits for a virus that had never existed in humans before? What would youre expertise have lead you to do better? Its easy to sit there and tell professional scientists and medics that they should do better and work faster. It doesn’t fix anything though, like they are doing.
Though not to your satisfaction.

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That wasnt what Trump or you claimed. You both said millions of testkits were going out a almost a month ago

I’ve said that from the beginning.

The millions includes those being produced now by the private sector.

The CDC has and has always had very limited production and testing capability.

Never in our history as the CDC tried to ramp up a new test for a new disease that has never been seen before in such a short time.

You were claiming a million of the CDC testkits went out before the private companies ever got involved. They didnt.

You claimed anyone who needed a test could get a test and that’s still not true almost a month later

Not all at once and not overnight. Their capability to produce them has always been Limited.

Each of the kits can process 500 patient samples. That’s how you get to a million.

That’s not what you were claiming at the time. You said that anyone who needed a test could get one. That wasn’t even remotely true. Still isn’t

Two completely separate issues. And no I never said anyone who wanted to get one to get tested. Never ever anywhere.