Law of unintended consequences: Quarantines can kill people

It’s not there job to give medical recommendations…it was to warn him it was coming here and could be a massive problem…

Ooooooo he went there girlfriend!

The new infection rate does drop quickly.

Easter is possible and I look forward to Trump being right yet again.

Pray for a resurrection Sunday lifting of US quarantine. How appropriate. How symbolic.

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I am sure there will be placed that will be restricted like CA LA NJ NY…most everywhere else looks promising.

Ave if it was true, then why did he wait until March 13 to declare a national emergency?

So if Trump is incompetent . . then WHO (the so called experts) must be far more incompetent.

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That not what I said you said. You mistakenly stated multiple times that anyone who needs a test can get one. That wasnt even close to being true 3 weeks ago and it’s not true now

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That would make Trump at fault for the delay in testing seeing that he didnt declare a National Emergency until March 13th. Why did he wait so long if so much was dependent on it?

Both statements can be true.

China was more incompatant than Trump for not being truthful and not doing more to stop the spread.

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Your point?

Those who are laying blame at Trumps feet should be laying 4X as much at WHO’s feet.

We didn’t fritter away any time, thats a bunch of bull! China was not up front about their virus and the W.H.O. dropped the ball also by not warning the world. Seriously what the hell good is a World Health Organization if not to sound the global alarm, they appear to be as useless as the United Nations. Globalism is not all its been touted to be!

We need to start putting the blame where it belongs and that’s CHINA and their cohorts the W.H.O.!


Lots of blame to go around.

Chine for all their lies and crap (not doing more to stop it in it’s tracks there).
WHO for believing China (even though they had boots on the ground in China and could see they were full of ■■■■ in what they were saying, doing, and reporting).
Congressional intellegence committee’s. They were getting the same intel briefings as the white house and apparently didn’t share to other committee’s that may have needed to know. Or if they did, no one seemed to care.
Trump – he got the same briefings as congress from intel.
News Media – for nearly completely ignoring until it was going world wide – then they started fear mongering, protecting China in their stories (and changing what they called the virus after China objected) and painting doomsday sinario’s. .

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Why did Trump wait downplay it in the beginning
Why did Yrump.wait so long to declare a national emergency?
Why is he playing political games with who can get ventilators and who can’t?

I notice you gave the least amount of blame to the person with more control to the response than anyone else. Not surprising

The WHO doesn’t run US policy.

The point remains…even with China’s lies…even with WHO’s mistakes…the US STILL had a MONTH where we could have been doing something.

We can learn from this study that taking actions just three weeks earlier to stop the spread of the virus could have allowed for 95% of the current spread to have been mopped up.

Imagine had we started a month earlier. Imagine had the national emergency been that blasted through all the testing red tape been declared a month earlier. Imagine state and local officials getting a clear signal from the federal government that “hey- this is a pretty big deal”.

There were failures at all levels that got us to where we are today. It’s time to stop pretending there’s nothing else we could have done…to learn from those mistakes and not make even bigger ones while the virus continues to run through this country.

Why do WHO not raise any alarms?

Why did WHo wait so long to declare the virus and emergency?

What games?

20k for ALL states and 4k of them have been shipped to New York. Other states are going to need them as well. Should they ALL be sent to NY then Trump have to tell 49 other states – sorry, I gave them all to one state?

Trump needs the media’s permission or advice before conducting a response?