Kudos to the U.K. government for calling a spade a spade (China)

Glad to see someone calling them out and it’s coming from the U.K. I would love to see a western response of pulling all manufacturing out of China ■■■■ them. Lost of jobs, loss of manufacturing, disease, stolen intellectual property rights, abysmal human rights record, communist. I understand enriching China and big corporations is all the rage if one is a part of these two groups for the rest of us not so much. It’s been mostly negative. At least the U.K. is calling them out the rest of the world should follow.

  • UK government officials say there’ll be “reckoning” for China over its handling of the coronavirus.

  • Boris Johnson’s government is reportedly furious with the Chinese state.

  • It has accused of China of spreading disinformation and lying about the number of cases it has.

  • Scientists have reportedly warned Johnson that China could have up to 40 times more cases than it says.

  • It could prompt the prime minister to abandon his deal with Chinese telecomms company, Huawei.


I don’t believe China’s numbers either. It literally just flatlined

That’s not a flattened curve. That’s a sawed off curve


The CCP has no issues covering up information with bodies.


I’m in the UK and this is the first I’ve heard of this.

Who’s the official in question?

Well, they probably didn’t yell it out the window…


Not seen it in the media either.

It would be quite a big deal, the current government is fairly cosy with China.

Run from the Huwei deal.

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Their sister paper was claiming the EU gave Johnson the corona virus, so lots of finger pointing going on.

I’ve been seeing a lot of commercial satellite photos cataloging our own reduction in activity (depleting ports, empty interstates, empty parking lots, parked airlines).

I wonder what Space Force™ is seeing in China?


I hear huwei 5g caused the virus.

The TM really sets it off beautiful.

Plus 5

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Kinda looks like an upside down hockey stick.

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I don’t understand why every country on the planet seems cuckolded by China. We let them play their monetary games with their currency. Let them dictate trade terms. Patent pirating. On and on.

It’s time for nations to pull their manufacturing out of China.


I told you countries wouldn’t forget.

China is still lying about the Wuhan virus. It’s good to see someone call China out since the media here in the US, has become a fan of China…telling the sheople Trump is to blame.

Isn’t that just like the Brits…their people are always the last to know.

This virus had spread to too many corners around the globe for it to started when they claimed it started IMO.

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Such as the claim of only 3000 deaths in Wuhan, yet funeral homes throughout Wuhan are ordering thousands and thousands of extra funeral urns – 10000 to one particular funeral home alone.

It’s simple. Because all these large corporations that cons are so eager to defend make yuge profits off doing business in China. It’s pretty nice when you don’t have to worry about paying your workers anything even resembling a livable wage.

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