Kudos to the U.K. government for calling a spade a spade (China)

As have all these FORTUNE 500 companies ya’ll want to bail out. Funny how you guys are so upset over the big bad media but ruthlessly defend companies that make direct profits off chinese business

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Hence the problem with capitalism. Nobody wants to piss off a billion consumers.

No way China’s numbers are legit.


No? You don’t have any evidence to dispute it.

Never. I’m a Sam Walton kind of guy and the anti-Walmart kind. :sunglasses:

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I know math and science.

I think the republican democrat logo is meaning less year by year. I am starting to see things like nationalism, protectionism, culture, libertarian, authoritarian matter more these days. I think a lot has changed on all sides since the last financial crisis.

It’s not arrogance.

Impact vs. Intent

OK…if you say so. Either way China version doesn’t add up unless you’re master at math and science.

And now it’s not just NY Post reporting it:

Wow. Sounds bitter.

How can anyone believe them they have over a million ethnic minorities locked in re-education camps a social credit score that has blacklisted 23 million Chinese
from getting on airplane to travel.

But it’s business as usual here well until the Wuhan virus hit. Will it go back to business as usual?

It looks like the the Chinese Communists either, intended to reduce their population and decided to use a virus against it’s own cirizens to do it, expecting the results they got in China, but also intended to export the same virus to their political and economic competitors to weaken them; or, they accidentally lost control of a virus from their biochemical lab in Wuhan or the meat market in the same city, tried to hide the leak/outbreak, but finding it was worse than they thought, did not want to be the only nation weakened by their own plague, so concealed it until they had exported it to competitors.

China has been lying and covering this up since late October or early November.

Only an absolute fool would believe anything that’s coming out of China today officially.

There is and there would not be a great shortage of funerary urns in China unless they are completely fabricating and covering up the number of dead

It’s the truth. Sounds like you can’t handle it

You can’t tell lies about something which does NOT exist.

Why does anyone believe what Trump says or tweets?

You must have amazing connections to the Chinese communist elite! Great sleuthing!