Kavanaugh confirmation hearings set for Sept. 4

Just like cons believe the GOP nanny state will protect them.

A wizened little green man once said “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hatred. And hatred leads to Trumpism.”

Don’t give into fear so often, conan.

Confirm and then impeach his ass once trump is impeached or resigns…problem solved.


On what grounds?

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Since you never answered the question in that thread, I’ll ask it here. Do you believe being a hypocrite is a bad thing?

Capital “C” Conan disagrees. :wink:

Being partisan is enough.



I think we have a sore loser here.

It probably won’t :disappointed_relieved:

My thought is that if they wait, DEMs will be fired up by the possibility of preventing Kavanaugh from sitting on the SCOTUS and will turn out in record numbers to try and take back the Senate. If Kavanaugh is confirmed ahead of the election, I see the DEMs balloon being deflated and thus depressing their turnout.

Which is exactly what DEMs would have done were the roles reversed. To pretend otherwise is disingenuous.

Bull ■■■■.

Pubs played that card.
They also used the nuclear option, which the Dems did not do under Obama.

2 huge precedents were set with McConnel…and not for the good of the country.

Which proves the fact, that Republicans have decided to choose party over country.
It will end up biting them in the arse.

Sadly, many people will suffer in the interim. Specifically the poor, minorities, and women.

But hey, y’all managed to piss off a lot of libs. Congrats.

The Dems created the nuclear option. They just didn’t use it on supreme court nominations because there was no need for it. They couldn’t use it. Harry Reid had already made clear that he expected it to be appled to the Suppreme Court in an interview in Octover 2016 (of course with President Hillary and a Democratic Senate).
Republicans went with out using the nuclear option on judges when Bush was President. They were betrayed when Obama became President and Reid took over the Senate. Ou course they applied Reids rule to the SC. Fool me once…
Once you cheat on the nuclear option, which relies on trust if the condition changes, it is gone.

Well no ■■■■, Sherlock. That was the point.

Rather convenient to justify an action by claiming that the other guy would have done it first… even though it has never happened before.

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Yes it has. Just not SCOTUS.

A bigly tactic of Trumpist apologetics, right there.

Trumpist: “Clinton Clinton Clinton!”

Non-Trumpist: “Uh, didn’t you say you voted for Donald to get away from establishment corruption?”

Trumpist: “…”

Non-Trumpist: “Hello?”

Trumpist: “Obama Obama Obama!”

Yeah. The nuclear option was a breach of protocol by Reid.

The Supreme Court can be argued to be a different beast

A lot of norms have been broken now.

It isn’t going to be pretty when the Dems take the whole government again.

There will be regrets.