Kavanaugh confirmation hearings set for Sept. 4

The schedule is set and the time frame will be very tight. Tuesday, September 4 is the day after Labor day. Grassley expects the hearings to last three or four days, with a Judiciary Committee vote likely occurring the week of September 17. Once on the floor, Republicans will be up against a hard deadline. The Long Conference is scheduled for Monday, September 24. Republicans will have to confirm Kavanaugh by Sunday, September 23, in order for him to be able to sit with the Supreme Court at the long conference.

If they miss that, they must confirm him by Sunday, September 30, in order for him to sit with the Supreme Court on Monday, October 1 for the first oral arguments of the term.


They should wait until after the elections.

Kennedy could have.

I hope McConnell rots in hell.

Whether they “should” or not, obviously they won’t. Even if they did, if Democrats took the Senate in the elections, they would ram him through during the lame duck. So it really doesn’t make a hells worth of difference.

Such hatred.

For MConnell? Yes. He’s everything wrong about Washington and politics.

Democrats taught him how to play the game.

I’m sure you believe that. It still doesn’t negate that he’s A terrible person. You just like him because he angers libs.

McConnell didn’t do anything more or different that libs would have done and you know it.

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I know no lib in the history of our country did what McConnell did, but your fake whatablutism is no surprise.

And partisans are no more upset at his actions than you would have been had a Democratic Congress blocked the SCOTUS appointment of an outgoing Republican president.

But hey - enjoy your peas and pray they don’t take over the government again, because they’ll come after you. Or whatever.

We should all do everything we can to get them to invoke term limits. I am a firm believer that it would reduce corruption on both sides.

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Never happen.

You know the difference between me and you libs. I expect the worst from em.

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Politicians will never vote against their own interests.

You know the difference between me and you, lib? I don’t live in fear.

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You may expect it, but you willingly embrace it.

Because libs believe nanny state will protect em.