Karen or Smollett over Bike Theft?

A viral video hit the internet, describing a “Karen” who stole a bike from a young black man, or rather group of young black men, and then screamed when he tried to get it back. This story was carried in the independent and in Yahoo News, and was of course in twitter and youtube.
The pregnant nurse who was alleged to have done this and “put this young black man at risk for his life” was released from her job at the hospital while an investigation is carried out. She claims to have been threatened since the storyh came out.
The Twitter videos now include a “context” stating that her lawyer provided receipts from the bike company showing that she did indeed rent the bike at that time and the young black man has provided no such receipts.
So…a new Karen or a new Smollett?

Interesting note: The Yahoo comments are full of indignation about the “Karen”. Laster comments have been closed.

just a stupid little tiff over of all things a citi bike.

he said she said.

no ome will ever know exactly what happened.


the video starts in the middle of the tiff.

who knows what really happened before the video started.


Sounds like a Smollett to me, given that the nurse has apparently provided a receipt proving she paid for the bike. But honestly I wish I could erase the whole thing from my brain. The media is the worst.


I remember back in the day automatically siding with the black guys because of skin color too. Ignorant people are racist like that. :wink:

We were dumbass children back then. Thankfully, most of us grew out of it. :rofl:


The reason, to me, it is noteworthy, is because it became noteworthy as an internet story and a media story when it was assumed to be a Karen type story. Some of the media and much of the internet just accepted the story that a pregnant nurse would take on five young black men in order to steal a bike. That sounds highly unlikely. And yet they published without checking.
Note that when the later comments in Yahoo come in about the receipt, no future comments are accepted.
The facts are beginning to go against the narrative.
The narrative started out so sweet.

It isn’t the actual incident, its how the internet and media reacted that is the story.


The only thing that came from this was bad. The twitter user who went viral picked up a bunch of subscribers, and he’s a left wing idiot.

Does he have enough subscribers to pay a defamation suit? Youtube may be immune, but he isn’t.


I’m going with a Smollett.


What is the name of a male version of a “karen?”

Of course, the brother may have gotten confused where he parked his bike (if he really rented one. ) Lets face it, all bike look the same, anyway.

Ok, i may be insensitive to bikes when i say all bikes look.the same.

After reading a lot of back and forth, i have come to conclusion many people do noy care about truth anymore.

People cannot handle the truth and arevstuck with their narrative or excuse ■■■■■■ up behaviors.

I like to go beyond “he said she said” and get to the bottom of the bike caper.

A nurse has to steal a bike?

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Yes, we all know there is a rash of young pregnant women robbing groups of young black men. They prefer five to one odds.


The point isn’t the crime or altercation, it’s what happened once it went viral or just the fact that it did in the first place.


It’s a shame, she could have made bank from this but she 1. Chose go fund me to ask for help and 2. Put that she just loved her some social justice and equity in the request. Making sure the people who would be on her side instead are saying, this is what you voted for, deal with it yourself.

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OK that has to be “bigoted” in some way. :wink:

Bicycle “bigotry”. :rofl:

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I can agree to that. Many get caught up.in emtoonalism and don’t care about truth and close ranks.

I like your point.

A viral bigot story. Ha ha +10

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Ats rite. :grinning:

have we heard from her attorney?

she rented the bike- it was hers to use - the men were at fault


We are literally at the point where random spats make the national news if it involves different races. There doesn’t even need to be anyone getting hurt or killed.