Kansas votes to NOT remove abortion protection from state constitution

Were you going for “most stupid idea ever” or was it luck?



More of a mental exercise based on the premise “Abortion should be allowed because birth control isn’t 100% effective”.

OK, if it’s not 100% allow for a certain failure rate. Allowing the number of abortions based on type and established failure rates.


I did. The content of your posts are contemptible and erroneous. That’s all the addressing they merit.

Reply back if you want me to tell you that again.

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Not quite as contemptible as someone relating slavers and pro choicers. Not only is it wrong but it’s offensive.

Suggests that it’s ok to hack someone to pieces as long as they don’t know about it. Gets offended at historical comparisons.


quite a few abortions are medicine ones. the one the 10 year old got for instance

nothing gets “hacked”


“The procedure typically involves taking two drugs: mifepristone, which stops the pregnancy by blocking a hormone called progesterone, followed a day or two later by misoprostol, which causes the uterus to contract.”

500,000 medication abortions in the United states in 2020.

no hacking involved. just science.


Yet another thread in Hannityland about the evils of abortion and not a single female poster has shown up to approve this “woman’s right”.

■■■■ so called women’s rights and women’s health in the U S.


kansas voters have spoken loudly.

did you not hear them?


Wrong. Again.


There’s no moral right to an abortion imo.

It shouldn’t even be considered unless the mothers life is at stake and the unborn baby isn’t viable.

Again imo.

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In your MINORITY opinion.

What difference DOES THAT MAKE?

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Who do you think gets pregnant if the condom breaks?

Then you, good sir, should not get an abortion.

I’m still not understanding why so many men are so passionate about abortion rights. Not even one female poster has come here to defend it or talk about some hardship that takes place in a tiny percentage of pregnancies.

This is ghoulish, guys.

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I like how prominent pro-abortion libs keep telling the pro-life people they can’t discuss abortion if they aren’t a woman.


My position is, since I will never be faced with this decision, it’s arrogant for me to tell women what they should should not do with their bodies.

therefore I’m pro choice.

The pro-abortion movement was never about “choice”. That’s a complete misnomer.

It’s about avoidance of responsibility and, to a lesser extent, destroying the less than perfect.

It truly is an evil movement introduced by two men, one of whom left the movement and converted to Catholicism, and it continues to be embraced mostly by men.


Libs act as if women dont have a choice. They do, they can choose to say no to having sex. Of course if its a homosexual relationship, its a moot point.

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