Jussie “Hoaxmaster” Smollet Call Your Office

please, pat each other on the bottoms pretending to love “facts”


< lower lip waaayy out >

How many toy dolls do y’all figure could be hung from this “noose”?



this kind if lying ■■■■■■■■■ just decades longer, still doesnt make it right

What kind of lying ■■■■■■■■■

oh nice. that was it!?

gee wonder if this is why the HARD HITTING HAMMERING PRESS never got a pic of it


I don’t believe I commented on that either.

oh where people pretend that white folk threatened them with a noose

if you need an example of this from recent events lemme know

Oh my, going personal, eh?

That this was a despicable act of racism and hatred. He tweeted that out. He’s full of ■■■■ .

I don’t know what this picture is from. All I know is, that white guy is just standing there next to it like he doesn’t care if black people get killed!

Call the FBI! Get a squad out there!


no. observational

what your capabilities are in learning is none of my business

lol. good try

hahaha… gawd. nice meme


I would have supported the guy and maybe even watched nascar a bit more if it was true. But all that’s gone. After what he’s said in the mean time, I hope he gets smoked every race.

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oh that doesnt matter

just asking

can you answer?

The made the exact right move here. I would have reported that as well. Better to be safe, than sorry. Especially given the climate around the confederate flag.

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Not exactly. Jussie set that entire encounter up; hired the guys who bought the clothes and then reported it as a hate crime. I doubt this guy went that far; he still lost my respect for his lack of composure and immaturity.

Call for an investigation. But don’t call it a despicable act of racism and hatred until the investigation determines that. He’s an idiot.


no room for benefit of a doubt huh?

does my heart good to “hear” you say that

“rope in garage? dont hesitate. call it hate crime. go on the View. help society. screw trump too”

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