Joe Biden's #Metoo, or is This #WeDon'tCare

Is this for real, or this this just someone out for revenge? Are we supposed to believe the woman? Or is that no longer the meme?

No, but they do…

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LOL Old Joe “You Know… The Thing” Biden has already irreparably ruined himself, and does more damage every time he opens his mouth and lets a new gaffe pour out.

Whether he did it or not he doesn’t remember it any more.Just saying.


Yup, true dat

So do you think there is no more #MeToo from the Democrat side of the isle?

Dont care.

We discussed this last week. I think she should be treated the same as any other accuser and if credible Biden is done.

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No idea. I guess you really got him now.

He is a Democrat the blackface and metoo rules don’t apply further proof look at who is the PM of Canada.

Governor of Virginia

And the Lt Governor of Virginia had a lot of rape accusers who the metoo movement and media ignored, had it been a republican it would have been covered totally different. Regardless of how anyone votes the Tara Reade case is being ignored by the left wing media besides "The Guardian who is saying WT* about the lack of media coverage.


He’s ruined! RUINED I tells ya!

We can’t trust the polls unless they show a positive approval for Trump

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Derp I keep forgetting that.

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If these allegations turn out to be true then Joe Biden should pay a political price for it.

The question then becomes, why do Trump supporters care what Democrats do about it?

I mean I think I know the answer, but why?


It’s faux hand wringing concern. Literally everyone knows that. Currently Biden has 1/25 of the sex assault allegations Trump does. Hopefully they both get investigated.

Your all falling for the exact same thing that happened in 2016 except this time there is even less enthusiasm for Biden than there was Hillary Clinton. The outcome shouldn’t surprise this time. We had to go through it with Romney and McCain they did not ignite the base the along came Obama who did ignite the base. There is no comparison between Obama and what Biden refers himself as and “Obiden Bama” candidate, this is actually just sad at this point watching Biden talking and forgetting words and we have over seven months left of Biden speaking before the election.



There is less enthusiasm for voting for Joe Biden then there is enthusiasm of voting against Trump.

2016 saw a perfect storm of things lining up just right for Trump to win three key states with 70,000ish votes.

Trump may very well win again, but to pretend that it will be easy or the outcome is a slam dunk is wishful thinking.

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I’m not “falling” for anything. We won’t know what’s going to happen until November, but I was speaking to the idea that Biden is “ruined”. There is zero evidence of that.

Got anything that backs up that opinion? Hillary was the most polarizing candidate Democrats have ever fielded. A good portion of the base was never going to vote for her no matter what. I was one of them.

Yep. He barely won 2016. The electoral college doesn’t really tell the picture.

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