Jeff Sessions' church accuses him of child abuse, discrimination and more for new border policies

More than 600 members the United Methodist Church, to which Jeff Sessions belongs, have brought church law charges against him for the immigration policies he has initiated and defended under the Trump Admin. The charges accuse him of child abuse by enforcing the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from parents who illegally crossed the border.

The church also accuses Sessions of racial discrimination, immorality, and “dissemination of doctrines contrary to the established standards of doctrines” of United Methodists. A United Methodist minister said the charges were initiated after Sessions quoted the Bible to defend the new policy the Trump Admin. initiated.

You’re going to hell, Beauregard.

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how are they gonna spin this one…

When Congress passes a stand alone bill that ends all of this, there are going to be a lot of Trump administration folks who are going to really wish they had the last 6-8 weeks back to do over. They bet this would be a bargaining chip that would help them force their will on all of their immigration demands. Instead it’s blowing up in their faces and making them look like the epitome of evil.


not just a random clergy it seems, an elder:

“I really never would have thought I’d be working on charges against anybody in the Methodist connection, much less a lay person,” said the Rev. David Wright, a Pacific Northwest Conference elder and chaplain at the University of Puget Sound in Washington State, and organizer of the effort to charge Sessions.

Wright… hmmm i hope he isnt related to that other guy from Chicago…lol

Look at God

I’m not sure that Trump will sign anything right now. I listened to him double down in his speech today. He wants this fight. I believe he wants to keep this whole border issue alive and well so he can blame Democrats all the way to the mid-terms. He is fueling his base and has no interest in what the collateral damage might be.

While this may be true, when even the spineless cowards of the GOP are all tripping over themselves to offer their own stand alone legislation to just address this lone issue, then you know he is in a losing position for him. Well, maybe not for him personally, but if he does dig his heels in, then the repercussions will be felt tremendously across the GOP in the midterms. The Republican leadership knows it too. Hence the reason they are pushing legislation to end this immediately. And without tying it in to other immigration measures.

This covers off on many of the comments, positions, and bills being offered by the GOP here. Most all of which are stand alone.

That should be fun if true…all the Dems have to do is point out who CURRENTLY has control of both Houses of Congress.

Is Sessions’ church as a rule deeply involved in helping our homeless children, or is it just these children in particular?

Most churches are. Those that don’t live by the Prosperity Gospel anyway.

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I’m not interested in “most churches,” just this one particular church – “Sessions’ church.”

Trump’s law in effect.

We always have the homeless. I don’t remember seeing Democrats on the floor crying about it like they are crying about these children. It’s the Trump haters/Trump supporter haters, putting on a show.


Ahem. I won’t finish that sentence.

Yes “we” do. Every time a parent breaks the law and goes to jail.

You could google the United Methodist Children’s Church, but that would obviously take more effort than you’re capable of mustering over your fake outrage.

I didn’t see where you said “cages.” Those pictures of children in cages were from the Obama years.

This is not my ball game. The OP should know these things.