Ok dems. Time to stop whining and get moving

They do control both. So what’s your point? The DNC and GOP share nearly the same agenda. They just won’t say it out loud. If the conservatives ever got control of the GOP, then things might actually change.

So? He may ask for some small changes but it still beats the hell out of the Ryan bill. I think the President supports more immigration judges and end to catch and release. The Cruz bill offers both. And remember, 2/3rds of Americans are in favor of reduced immigration.

Ah…the No True Scotsman Fallacy rears its ugly head once again.

If ONLY conservatives EVER got control of the government, what they propose would work.

Too bad we’ve NEVER had true conservatives in power.

Don’t you ever get tired of being sucked in by that yarn?

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Its way too moderate for Trump. It ain’t going nowhere unless Trump smiles upon it.

Think about it this way. Do the democrats need a special safe space just for liberals? No of course they don’t. The entire party is a liberal cesspool. But conservatives in the GOP have a special club that’s called The Freedom Caucus. If the GOP was made up of conservatives, conservatives would not need a safe space within the GOP.

Don’t you ever get tired of not recognizing reality?

Here, let a church tell you somebody is not a good enough Christian. A link to madasheck’s thread.

■■■■ it.

Turn them all around at the border.

That will end the separation and make libs happy, right libs?

Are you saying that every single Dem in the US is an atheist?

Do you believe every single Republican is a Christian?

In your dreams! The libs will hate it because it expedites deportations and ends catch and release. The special love they claim to have for the children only goes as far as what the children can do for them. I’m thinking that if the bill goes down, it’s because the democrats and establishment republicans will not support anything short of catch and release.

Poor widdle Snowflakes. Do they get blankies and pacifiers, too?

“Trump called on Congress to authorize the government “to detain and promptly remove families together as a unit,” which he said was “the only solution to the border crisis.” And he went on to mock current security measures at the borders as insufficient and castigated the immigration court system as corrupt, appearing to reject a proposal by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) that would keep migrant families intact in part by increasing the number of immigration court personnel.”

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No. I’m not. But It seems that the only time they find their faith is when they are accusing republicans of not having any. It’s just way too judgmental for my taste. And make no mistake, I’m certainly no fan of the republicans either. I have been hoodwinked enough times not to trust them. At all.

God I wish! Instead they get a giant salary, first class air fare, an obscene pension, the best retirement that you can give them and a gold plated health care system funded by you. Not bad for a part time job. Aren’t you proud to be taking such good care of them?

Yowza! That is simply total amnesty. If you sneak in, we legalize you. That is horrific. Lately the dems have modified it to include, rapists murders, MS13, child molesters etc. They no longer support the deportation of ANYBODY.

Not your problem? But think of the children man. THE CHILDREN!!!

Conservatism hasn’t failed. Conservatism has yet to be tried.

We just elected Donald to burn the system down so we can get a Truely True Conservative in power.


The children are the Republicans’ problem. After all, they control every branch of government.

Thanks in advance to them for taking a huge political spanking before getting around to doing that.

Or this: Conservatism isn’t a perfect system. It’s just best system. The goal is to have the most conservative government possible. But true conservatism is really difficult to achieve without an actual conservative party to represent us. So we do the best we can under the circumstances. And yes. Thank God for Donald Trump. Without him we would have gotten the same old Big government status quo republicans such as Kasich or Jeb. Or worse. The witch. We have one branch of the government. Which is one more than we usually have.

I always feel bad for God, the crap humanity blames him for.


I do want to discuss.

It’s a little short on details. Where does she suggest housing the violators? In her basement? What does she want to do with them? That’s a pretty big part of this ya know. Is this simply catch and release part two? The Cruz bill has real solutions. Diane’s seems to suggest that we just return to the failed policies of the past. Do we want to fix this problem or not?