Jared conducts government business on What'sApp


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The first question I have, is, are these exchanges dealing with sensitive or classified material?

I’m assuming the reason for why is he doing it, is because our federal system is too antiquated, not innovating fast enough to keep up with new innovative ways to increase efficiency.

So, easy fix, we need to get our federal system up to par. Having to screenshot messages is a piss poor way to keep records. The feds need to come up with an app that will translate WhatsApp messages and send a copy thru the federal system, to improve record keeping.


It is, however, an interesting premise.

What does he do? Take a screenshot. The create an email. Paste the screenshot and send it to someone? Is that through his government account or through his gmail account?

I’d be interested in the mechanics he observes.

I’d be interested in the rationale, too. Why use WhatsApp at all if everything is another manual step to archive as required by law.


I’m going out on a limb here: There are no screenshots.


If a client sends your cell phone a text message, telling you he is going to be running a bit late for that meeting over lunch, would you get fired for replying to him?


Ummmm. No. Categorically no.

We shouldn’t be using third party apps at all in this regard for official communications.

That’s like saying we should allow third party mail carriers to send diplomatic posts and they get to keep a copy of the content of whatever is inside.

Really, really, not smart.


No, that’s not the reason and the fed system is not antiquated. Kushner didn’t want to use the government devices and email app.

They already have their own system and don’t need to translate ■■■■■ There’s a reason why the gov’t does not want their employees to use third party apps like WhatsApp, they use end to end encryption which no one can see including WhatsApp.


There are surely screenshots. Some halfhearted ones that started the very day the lawyer said Jared keeps screenshots.

Interestingly, I believe the verb tense used was in the present, so in that case the lawyer would not be lying.


That’s not sensitive information. Try again.


Take a wild guess at who owns WhatsApp. Just a quick guess.


You’re blind or ignorant.


It was ok a few years ago… what changed?


My apologies, you are the only trump supporter that has answered the question so far.


I agree. even though WatsApp claims it has a secure end to end encryption, it’s not an approved transport for sensitive or classified material. Federal employees should conduct all official business thru official communications.

However, the reality is that people do have private lives. I private personal communication can start out unofficial, and then sometimes cross over from personal, to professional.

My idea was to create an app, that will monitor communications from any personal app, and when a conversation turns to more of a professional nature, you could select an option to convert that communication and copy it to an official email exchange.


What was OK a few years ago? Using whatsapp or gmail or aol for official communications? I don’t remember anyone advocating that. Unless you did.

Using a private email server? I never thought that was OK. Stupid. Probably not criminal. For both Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton.


Is that speculation on your part, or is it fact?

BTW, our federal email system does not use end to end encryption with recipients who are on a private email domain server, so in that regard, it is antiquated.

It seemed more likely that the Saudi Crown Prince he was chatting to wanted to use WhatsApp as a secure communications, and for whatever reason he did not want to use his standard email system.

I’m not clear what you mean, are you saying.

Are you implying that if a federal employee sends me an email, that it will be automatically encrypted on both ends? I’ve received official .gov emails from federal employees before, they most definitely are not encrypted.


Feel the same way about Jared?


Me try again?? You did not cite any mention of dealing in “sensitive information” in your reply, so do not pretend I failed to cite that specific.

I’m not going to play hide and seek, if you have a relevant point to make, just spit it out already.


Just a couple years ago, a high ranking federal employee could traffic in the open with Top Secret information, and it was resulted in nothing but an eye roll of bored annoyance from the Democrats. Now discussing anything, with anyone, well… it’s a national security issue.


If the private e-mail domain server is antiquated and isn’t up to date with the current e-mail security protocols such as DMARC and SPF (which the gov’t has almost fully implemented), then the communication will be rejected.

Kushner shouldn’t have agreed.

No, I’m stating that WhatsApp uses end to end encryption that no one from the outside can see, including the gov’t and WhatsApp itself.
By the way, Facebook owns WhatsApp.