Jared conducts government business on What'sApp


You gotta remember when the whole Hillary private server issue came to light. Republicans rushed to that thread, all flailing their arms, torches in hand, yelling and screaming that she should be in jail. It’s illegal. Never been done before.

Then a few sane posters pointed out that Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell also did it. Then the excuses flowed as to why it was okay for Rice and Powell to do it, but Hillary is a criminal and should go to jail.


I didn’t know this…

“In December 2015, it was reported that Islamic State terrorists had been using WhatsApp to plot the November 2015 Paris attacks.[157] ISIS also uses WhatsApp to traffic sex slaves.”


But her E-MAILS.


Just need Tubby Trump to gather up part of the Red Hat Mob (RHM) and get him to chant it, I’m sure the RHM would be easily be duped into repeating it.


My point is that a mom and pop email domain server is not secure communications, not by default at least WhatsApp is.

But I’m not even trying to make this about security, and you alluded to this yourself. When Jared communicates with anyone on WhatsApp, there is no record of it sent to the federal records department. A screenshot sent to the records department is not very useful, since is does not lend itself to being word searched or sorted.

No argument with me there.

Which would make it more secure, than using a mom and pop email domain service from Platte River Networks.

However, I do see your point. If Jared were dealing in clandestine conversations, or those involving classified material, or simply engaging in unauthorized national policy negotiations, he could hide them from FOIA requests, which we should all disapprove of.


I’m glad we’re in agreement. You also agree that Kushner should be investigated?


Tell you one thing, using an app that has a complete lack of transparency leads to a much higher possibility of investigators showing a case of scienter.


No I don’t. You should not start new investigations every time you make an assumption, without any evidence to support it, that it is possible someone might be doing x,y or z.

If that were the way our justice department worked, I could assume that it’s possible Jared could be stealing White House china, and stockpiling office supplies, and start a criminal investigation into that.

However, if you know he has already used his third party software apps to engage in communications with foreign diplomats, you can counsel him not to do it in the future, or be punished, removed from his position, etc…


Exactly what assumption, evidence and x,y,z are you referring to? Thats pretty vague. Is it reasonable to investigate his use and ensure his actions meet guidelines and law?


So much keyboard Diarrhea from the right this week…


What’s vague is the assumption that Jared engaged in some vague and unknown illegal activity.

A criminal or counter-Intel investigation is not warranted. There is no evidence to suggest Jared used WhatsApp to engage in any traitorous, or illegal activity.

If simply using the app was sufficient grounds to open an investigation, then anyone in the federal government who used WhatsApp would also need to be investigated.

At least Jared Kushner informed that he was taking screenshots of WhatsApp conversations as a way of staying in compliance with record-keeping law. All those other federal employees who have not revealed there use of the app, hmm… are they breaking the law? Let’s just assume they could be, and investigate them too. See how silly that is?


Has anyone else revealed their use of it ? How do/can we know all his exchanges are documented?


You know, I am beginning to suspect that all that Trump/GOP concern about online communications security in 2016 wasn’t entirely on the level.


That’s just crazy talk.


You know, I’m beginning to believe that liberals giving Hillary a complete pass wasn’t entirely on the level.


One thing that has become abundantly clear about Trumpism.

If the President accuses anyone of mis or malfeasance, the President is either engaging in exactly that mis or malfeasance or aspiring to it.


We won’t know if they did so, or if they broke the law until we investigate them all.

That’s how dems think it works now. We simply wonder aloud whether someone might have, could have, or if it’s possible for them to have done something wrong. Then use the feds to investigate them.

Even if these federal employees are innocent of what we accuse them of, maybe we can find some tax irregularities and indict them on those, or maybe they have poor memories, and we can get them for lying to the feds.


Hmmm, based upon what?

It’s not as if the people investigating Hilary were so supportive of her winning the campaign for president that they thought she should win the election by a vote of a million to one.

Or did they?


I suspect Jared, and possibly Ivanka, are going to need a lot of defenders in the not so distant future.

If the best defense they end up getting is the “cuz liberals” defense, it’ll be a hard time for them.


Without name dropping I’ll lay out some of thd defense arguments:

“There’s too much over classified material in the goverment”

“Non of those emails were marked classified”

“Powell did it too”

“They weren’t classified when they hit her server”

“It would have made no difference if she had used her government email account”

Those are just a few examples of the years worth of excuses, obfuscation and denial her groupies offered up in defense. Lets just drop this facade that they weren’t defending her, shall we.