Jared conducts government business on What'sApp


The left’s current attention to abolish the electoral college, would cease if fat Stacey Abrams took office in 2020. Along with Trump is fat.


The facts have not been established. The title of the politico piece says “alleged”
It’s the most ignored word on the left these days.


Nope, and none have answered the question whether Kushner should be investigated or not.


His own lawyer alleged it, so…


Alleged what?


that he uses Whats app for govt business


“Kushner’s lawyers said he adheres to records requirements by taking screenshots of his WhatsApp conversations and sending them to his White House email or to the National Security Council.”


Screenshots? Screenshots are encrypted?



Do you know the facts or just the allegations?


Early last year, White House lawyers warned West Wing staffers in mandatory ethics training sessions not to use encrypted messaging apps. Kushner attended one of the sessions, The Washington Post reported at the time.


You’re right- a thorough investigation is needed. FBI, if you’re listening, I hope you can find the screenshots of all of Jared’s encrypted conversations with murderer MBS.


Screenshots. :joy:
Where do you think he stored those screenshots at?


Do you really think there are screenshots?


No, but that’s the excuse which is a ■■■■■■■ stupid one from his lawyer.


So what do you “know”, not think?


Do you think Kushner should be investigated or not?


I said you’re right. Investigate, investigate, investigate. House, Senate FBI. Talk about it nonstop. Bring it up at the debates. Gin up crowds to yell “Lock him up!”

It has to be done.


They have no idea how idiotic it is to use WhatsApp for official govt business. There’s a reason why Kushner was using WhatsApp instead of govt e-mail. He knew full well what he was doing.


I imagine there’s a screenshot of the time he told MBS not to worry because Trump would give him a pass on the Khashoggi murder.


I work for a financial company and my ass would be fired on the spot if they found out I was using a third party messaging app to conduct official company business with.