Jared conducts government business on What'sApp


There is a material difference between using your own private email server and using a public, free, third party administered application and email account.

But that’s beside the point.

You ridiculed Comey for his statement on HRC. Now you praise it. You are a hypocrite.


That was mine, and most libs here, and IRL, position as well.

And it’s probably going to be my position on Kush. We don’t know all the facts.

But that in no way negates the absurd hypocrisy on display by those who chanted locker her up, and mocked comet’s handling of the matter, who now don’t care.

Also, there is a real difference between setting up a personal email server and using a free app.


I wasn’t chanting lock her up either, but apparently I’m a hypocrite. Cool how that works.


The current GOP really picks the best families to defend. They probably don’t even think twice about Jared’s dad…

" In 2005, he was convicted of illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering. He served 14 months in federal prison "


The Tea Party basically disappeared after the first minority president was gone. It’s nothing for people to flip on this issue that now faces Jared.


I closed the case. Quote the praise. Why are you attacking me?

And you’re right, one of them was encrypted.


AS a user of WhatsApp to stay in contact with family and friends outside of the United States, it’s not the platform to conduct government business on. Jared Kushner should know better, but once again he has proven that he has no business with a security clearance at any level above confidential.


As soon as we can find a reasonable prosecutor, we can LOCK HIM UP!


All these dudes that are crooks are very smart regarding conning people and mucho dumb is so many other ways. Very interesting really.


Where did I call you a hypocrite?


I’ve been called it in this very thread.


Just curious…

Have any Trump voters in this thread harshly condemned Jared for this practice? What percentage?


Investigate. I’m fine with that.


My guess is that it already came up and was investigated in the Mueller investigation.


It’d be interesting to compare the Terms of Service side by side of:

  • Hillary’s Private Email Server
  • WhatsApp
  • AOL email
  • Whatever private email service Jared was using.


2016: “I’m voting for Trump because we need a change!”

2019 : “Liberals are no different!”


by me?


The change we got was that Donald Trump massively brought more corruption to Washington DC. That’s a hard thing to do.


Corruption, incompetence, banality, shallow celebrity.

Donald certainly delivered on his (unspoken) promise there.


Can’t wait to hear “Lock him up” chanted at Donald’s rallies.