Jared conducts government business on What'sApp


Lets take your premise that the FBI investigation was not in good faith, Trump wins has his base and campaign chanting “lock her up” full Republican control of the govt and then what? Nada

That is the issue, now either you can realize there was never anything really ( a fine maybe?) much less a real intention to do anything about it… or you can down the deep state Obama hold over rabbit hole…

Again I know you never believed it but Trumpers in their hearts view Hillary as a criminal when really it was nothing more your typical unethical govt actions. Trump said he was gonna make that an example and clean it up more or less, turns out that was just caca for the pearl clutching Trumpers.


You aren’t reading my post…

I do not think EITHER of them should be jailed. Do you need it in Spanish?

Republicans thought Hilary should be jailed. Get it?

So us libs are remaining consistent. Republicans? They should be chanting “lock him up”


Deeep state


First, that wasn’t MY premise, it was your claim that the arguments against her actions were in bad faith, because “lock her up”. Considering there was an FBI investigation into the matter…based on those bad faith arguments…it’s only logical that investigation was in bad faith.

Second, I don’t have an issue with the results of that investigation. It pretty well showed she was in fact in violation of the law. The conclusion that these violations were the result of her own buffoonery, but not enough to prosecute and by extent put this issue of handling classified infomation like an inept child to bed doesn’t exactly sit right with me, but I accept it.

Third, Trump is an idiot, I don’t care what he’s said, says or will say.

In short, I’m not a proponent of the “lock her up” idea. I would have rather seen a process that lead to current and future government officials being more mindful of the classified information they are entrusted with. Perhaps even a review and modification of the laws dealing with this issue. But the fact that she isn’t sitting behind bars doesn’t bother me.

Although I do hope people aren’t stupid enough to put her in a position where she can proudly showcase her idiocy again, but thankfully there is a slim chance they will have such an opportunity.


In your world, who exactly is “everybody”?


Yeah, that is funny.


Who and where are all of these defenders of Clinton you speak of? I’ve been around here as long, if not longer than you. And I don’t recall anything even remotely close to what you’re describing here. And certainly no one in this thread is doing what you’ve claimed. You’ve constructed an entire scenario out of whole cloth and are pretending like it is reality. All, I guess, to defend Jared Kushner for some weird reason? It’s very strange.


No one is claiming you’ve been consistent here. You’re excusing your hypocrisy by pointing to what you’ve perceived as others hypocrisy, except the difference is only you are being hypocritical in this thread. You can’t point to another poster in this thread having the same inconsistency and hypocrisy as you on this issue.


LOL! 2 years later and Fox headlines are HILLARYYY!!! Talk about derangement syndromes.


It’s not accurate at all. It’s the CEC revisionist version of the extreme Clinton defender extrapolated out and assigned to anyone opposed to Trump. That’s not reality.


Orange is the new black.


How am I being hypocritical?


Just because they voted for her doesn’t mean it’s ok. And not a single one of them voted for her.



i thought you disagreed with comey.


You’re saying no one in this thread has defended Hillary?? Really?


Stare decisis. It’s all the rage. Totes.


Can you point to where this has been done? Because this seems like the not-reality part I’m talking about.


I cared about the HRC server. I just didn’t think it warrented chants of ‘lock her up’, nor did I think it deserved the wall to wall coverage RW media gave it.

But, also, there are differences. A private email server is completely different from a public, free app. Different in terms of security I’m saying. And a private email server is different from a persona email account maintained by a third party company.

And finally, pointing out the hypocrisy of those who chanted ‘lock her up’ and now are silent does not in any way prove one is hypocritical themselves. To do so in this case, they would have to be chanting ‘lock him and her up’ now, which I have seen no one do.


You admitted to as much my friend. And excuse it based on liberal hypocrisy.


Show me the posts defending her in the way @Tguns has described and I’ll concede.