Jared conducts government business on What'sApp


Okay, that was pretty good. And I’m bitter because you’re forcing me to choose Hillary’s Hill of all god forsaken places to die on. I just feel strongly about what we are arguing about. We just disagree about the hypocrisy aspect of this.


Let me help out here, I’ve never once said, proclaimed or chanted “lock her up”. Nor have I ever chanted any other inane slogan that emanated from fat Donald’s sandwich hole. I believe to this day she most certainly violated the law in way of communicating and storing classified information on her private server, but I don’t believe she deserves jail to for that. However, watching her obsequious little groupies twist and contort themselves in the most hypocritical manner possible to attack Kushner (and by extent, the mean old orange man) for ■■■■ they previously defended her for…that should be a crime.


So you realize it was nothing more then hot air to make you feel good, right?


Because she is a criminal? Or was Trump lying?


And I never chanted lock her up. I said she should have withdrawn from the race because if I was caught with government documents on my personal computer when I was in the Army, considering my clearances, I would have been in deep ■■■■■ And for Hillary it wasn’t even a counseling statement. She was treated with complete kid gloves and others would not be.


What do you mean by “checked out”? House oversight? FBI investigation?


And me and others never claimed what hillary did wasnt wrong. There, can we all hug now


So you believe she broke the law but not enough to get “locked up” and it bothers you that people defended her for that?

I mean ill take you for your word, I believe you never said it, but its kinda hard to say that it was not a central campaign slogan…which was rightfully smacked down as you yourself stated “I don’t believe she deserves jail to for that”

So this thread is not for you, its for all the kool aid drinkers…


And I never defended hillary’s use of a private server


Its like they are arguing with themselves


Like a dog chasing a tail…lol


To paraphrase, “i was never a lock her up guy but you guys who defended her not being locked up complaining about the rightwing not calling for kushner to be locked up are like total hypocrites”


WhatsApp, if you’re listening, I hope you find Jared Kushner’s messages. I think you’ll probably be rewarded mightily by our press.


My close cousin is in the air force and has top secret clearances and said a similar thing…frankly I agree with you but lets not kid ourselves this has been happening for a long time with politicians through a number of administrations.

Trump came in and now its “lock her up” ok fine, do it present your case its your moment in the sun.

But dont cry wolf, walk it back like a bitch and now have your administration pull the same stunt you know what I am saying?

Or was it really all about Pants lady bad!


In all fairness, I’m a bit bitter also. Had her supporters simply admitted that she screwed the pooch in this issue rather than pulling out all stops and arguing evey nuance to defend her from her misdeeds, we could have moved on from this ■■■■ years ago. But to play that game then only to turn around and gripe about Kushner now…it’s ridiculous. Government officials shouldn’t be conducting official business on non government systems, it may not be illegal, but it’s not ethical as it has the potential of thwarting transparency. That’s the discussion we should be having rather than listening to partisans gripe back and forth over who is more righteous. But we’re never going to get to that point of having those discussions.


When you have a side literally chanting “lock her up” its kinda hard to give any ground, the argument was never in good faith from the start and therefore it was never given the credibility it needed.

Pants lady bad!


Who is griping?

My position has remained the same… unethical but not criminal. However Trump republicans took it to another level… chanting “lock her up” every chance they could.

If anything I hear all libs on this thread saying the same thing. Republicans here are twisting themselves into pretzels to not say he should be locked up like they thought Hilary should


The FBI investigation into this was never in good faith, because trumpists chanted “lock her up”. Should we question Mueller’s investigation in light of how Trump’s resistance claims he committed treason?


For the most part, agreed, and good post.


Over two years of “Clinton didn’t do anything wrong” melts away into “Aaaaargh, look what Kushner did”.

But yeah, it’s all because the bad orange man and his followers chanted “lock her up”.