January 6th Commission Thread

I see that ■■■■■■■ over at MSNBC called those business that was destroyed taco stands…talk about racist elitist snob.

And they wonder why so many millions…tens of millions of Americans actually smiled when they ransack the capital building.

What a weird reaction to a terrorist attack


Do you need your fainting couch?

Nah just some convictions for all those lone wolves.

Fine. Just be careful about bandying those two words around. They will begin to lose their meaning when everything is assigned that moniker.

Fainting couch? :grin:

Yeah I am not a fan of Jo S either.

Anyone smiling about the the events on Jan 6th, resemble those of the latter part of this quote:



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Who is this you guys…please show me where I said ANYTHING about the election results. I will wait

Collective you guys and personal you guys. It was a popular topic on here for several.month’s

I am not a part of the collective. Never was a Trump supporter. Nice assumption on Tommy’s case but too bad it was WRONG.

Patriotic stand against tyranny.

counting EC votes is tyranny?

did anyone serious think this event wasn’t going to be investigated by the house.

Saw it in the bottom of a bottle no doubt.

American and Western European think not getting a hair cut is Tyranny, we wouldn’t last a minute in a real tyrannical state.

for all the ■■■■ we spew, we are the most entitled children on earth.

What were their findings those 5 times?

They took the capitol building without guns.


where do you see anywhere i objected? i just laughed at nancy’s attempt to make it sound like it would be unbiased

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