January 6th Commission Thread

The FBI didn’t give their boss the same intelligence reports they gave to Congress?

No, that vote was about Donald Trump’s complicity in the capital insurrection

This investigation is going to look into the lapses in security


“9/11 style commission” is the new sheople phrase being used to harness the feeeelings of the sheople, to regurgibleat this exact wording, to inspire the feelings of 9/11…in an attempt to sheoplize all Americans to the incident they want prosecuted.

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Would a Benghazi style commission be better? We could make Schiff the chairman and take the same impartial stance that Gowdy did


Trump ask them if they wanted more protection and they turned it down. We all know that now!


So it is only worth investigating IF it alters an election??
Funny, I figured ANY voting irregularities would warrant an investigation.


No. You remember some generic conservative poster, not me. After the initial investigation I stated the opinion that it was a waste of time to continue looking into it, that basically nobody cared.
And I do not remember having an opinion one way or the other as to whether they should investigate…just reading that they were investigating. Don’t think anybody asked me as to whether to set up one or not.
Why so interested in that one incident when violent riots worse than that, known as protests in the Wash Po and CNN, lasted all summer?
Obviously this is purely political.
Pelosi wants to make an informercial out of it.

The states are more than capable of doing their own audits.

There is no need to continue fueling Trump’s fantasies about election fraud. Remember… he questioned the validity of the election that he actually won.

Quite stupid.

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Screwing around with this instead of the stimulus. That’s just grand.

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Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize this was yet another election thread. My bad.

The beauty is that all the Trump evidence is out…doctored…but out.

The rest of the story would now need to be told.

Summer riot stand down.

Screaming about pepper spray when President Trump crossed the street.

Refusing NG and having the few on duty on traffic patrol.

Ashli Babbitt.

Divert attention from Biden who is failing to match Trump response on virus.

One would think a Covid Commission would be more needed.


Like doctoring just a little evidence.

Stimulus is being worked on.

Nine House committees concluded their work last week, marking up their respective parts of the colossal rescue package. Now the House Budget Committee will take each separate piece and assemble the final legislation over the next seven days.

An inquiry into Jan 6th is not mere screwing around. An armed mob sieged 2 of the top 3 in the line of succession, and some security engaged in questionable behavior. It needs to be examined seriously.

This is the most heavily scrutinized election in history and the fact that it turned up like only a handful of cases of voter fraud across the country hasn’t dented you’re talking points a bit.

Also let’s face it you guys didn’t want an investigation into literally any state Trump won or for it to affect any race besides the presidential if he lost that state but Republicans won.

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That’s the rumor.

I want to know what Pelosi knew and when she knew it myself.

Divert attention from Biden’s job killing agenda as well.

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Never fear, they’ll have it by 3/14

Priority 1!