January 6th Commission Thread

Might as start a new thread on the proposed investigation since this is not going away anytime soon.

Pelosi proposes a 9/11 style independent commission to study the facts, causes and security that led to the events of January 6th.

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Yeah this was always going to happen.

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“independent inquiry”



You don’t trust Durham? Should Biden have that investigation halted since it’s obvious biased and not independent?

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this has nothing to do with pelosi and her “independent inquiry” into 6 jan

Why would one be a political show but not the other? You’re letting your preconceived bias get the best of you

Did you object to the Benghazi investigations?


I thought Pelosi already determined what happened.

Wasn’t that what the vote on January 13, 2021 was all about?

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3rd impeachment? Maybe?!



Odd, isn’t it. They voted for an impeachment and now they want to find out what happened. Shouldn’t that have been in reverse order?


But yet no investigation into election irregularities. I know I know…libs will say there wasn’t any.


Dear lord :man_facepalming: make it stop

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Ding ding ding!

There weren’t enough to shift an election.

Those two dead people that they found voting in Georgia ain’t going to be doing much.

So now you think they should of waited until he was out of office before they impeached him?

No. I think Nancy should give up on her fake impeachments. Its a bad look…to her.

And her past actions have long ago waved any possibility in her being involved in setting up an impartial hearing. Nobody could believe that. It would be like Trump setting up an impartial hearing on Pelosi’s abuse of power.


Weird because I remember you having the opposite opinion on Benghazi. Republicans were impartial then? All 5 times?

She’s retiring after this term. She’s not going to go through being blamed for another midterm loss of the majority

There were dozens of court cases on that very topic.

Not a single one of them showed any significant election fraud.

Seems to me if there was fraud prevalent enough to shift literally millions of votes, some court somewhere should have caught it in all those cases - but nope - zilch - nada - nothing…

…waiting for the groundhog’s day arguments


We all now know capital hill leaders turned down the national guard, so impeach them.

Of course they won’t let it go. What else do they have to do? They don’t need legislation the sock puppet will sign anything.

And the fake VP Harris was bailing out rioters last summer, so we need to impeach her and all the dems who supported the riots… Right?