James Clapper: Russia DEFINITELY did sway the election to Trump

Do you think 60 million people wanted to vote for Trump?

^ This poster complains about trolls. A lot.

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Do you think 65 million wanted to vote for Clinton?

Was the information revealed in the hacked emails used to attack Clinton’s campaign?

The Podesta emails?

[quote=“Smyrna, post:36, topic:1061”]
You libs own that lying, conniving candidate for POTUSd and all the damage she did to get there. [/quote]

Sounds like you’re describing your own team there buddy.

You’ve already convicted her in your mind. Unfortunately, she’s been investigated for years, and nobody has ever found anything to concur with your unfounded opinion that she’s guilty of something, anything, anything at all.

But go ahead. Get someone on your team to investigate again. I don’t care.

I’m going laugh so hard when the IG report comes out. The tears are going to be so satisfying .

Was the information true?

It’s a date.

Yes. Was it used to attack the Clinton campaign?

Then no. The truth is not an attack. It is a shedding of light on the bad deeds of a coven.

Was all reporting in the emails true? Especially the reporting on right wing blogs?

The opinions about the meaning about the actual true contents? I don’t know. Did they disavow any of the truth?

If you don’t know, then look it up and get back to me. The answer is important.

No it’s not. A light was shed on the bad deeds of a group who would be queen. Transparency in Centgov is what’s important, not the opinions of pundits. The Will to Power. The fraud.

It absolutely is. The idea that you have no opinion, which I find hard to believe you’re that ignorant, tells me you don’t want to know or don’t want to admit it.

He is stating facts.

Specifically, how did they “sway” the vote?

The truth is not an attack. It is the truth.

She won the popular vote.

It sad that since his side lost, he’s trying to undermine faith in our democracy. Wasn’t that Putin’s goal?