James Clapper: Russia DEFINITELY did sway the election to Trump

If you could trust that what he says is his opinion really is his opinion then it might.

Lots of people do, including presidents. I do as well.

Clapper wins today’s Captain Obvious Award.

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Because CLEARLY 13 Russian internet trolls were able to out-do all the MILLIONS of American internet trolls with their own axes to grind in the election, and also able to out-do the MILLIONS spend by the Clinton campaign in internet advertising - even though these Russians spent less than the cost of a fully-laden Cadillac SUV. Those wasskully Russians!

It’s pretty obvious the Clapper is STILL looking for some reason OTHER than the candidates and their positions.



The Russians spent 1.25 million per month on their “advertising”. If that would have swung the election, they are the greatest marketing agency of all time.

i think you’re living in a time when people had to go put flyers on windshields to sell cars. our company’s marketing expense has massively decreased over the decades because we learned how to change with the times and use social media, targeted ads, etc.

Tell that to Hillary. She had one billion to spend vs roughly 10 million. Apply what you said, evenly to both sources and then do the math.

It’s easier to have an effect when you have no morals or ethics to guide your actions.

Moreover, why are you so focused on the effect of the troll farms when you’re ignoring the obvious significant effect of the release of thousands of private emails that they engineered?

Nobody cares about hillary anymore except for Hillary herself, and right wing loons who can’t figure out how to quit her.

Grow up my friend.

are you admitting that it’s effective suddenly.

That explains a lot about Hillary…thanks.

I simply pointed out the math and know that I don’t care how smart or good you are at marketing, in this area…money is what buys your happiness.

Money goes a lot farther when you don’t need to follow any laws.

That’s not a strike against Clinton, just recognizing what you’re up against. Take your analysis up a step next time.

So you feel the deplorables needed Russian encouragement to turn out to vote against a Clinton?

Are you kidding me? You libs own that lying, conniving candidate for POTUS and all the damage she did to get there. She’s not out of the picture until her illegal activities are fully exposed and she is prosecuted for those potential crimes. Let’s let the IG report come out and then we’ll talk again about “growing up”.

She won the popular vote.

No. The deplorables were inspired by Trump’s complete lack of character, honest, civility and disrespect of women and other cultures.

I think many Trump voters were inspired by his stand on Mexicans/immigration.

By the Russians?