It's time to Stop Defending Trump the Man

Trump isn’t a man.

Pretty much! :wink:

So my trump supporting relative who loves trump and thinks god helped him win but would like him to knock off the mean tweets actually…hates him. That’s good to know, maybe they’ll vote for the democrat in 2020.

This does explain why you go into every trump thread just to say tds and trump hater though.

That’s not what defines hating Trump.

Heck, I’ll bet the vast majority of people who voted for him (and/or who will vote for him in 2020) would like to see that from Trump.

Not getting that from him, though, doesn’t mean they hate him.

That would be me.

Because hating Trump is rampant on this board from the leftists. Damned straight – TDS to the max.

It’s not just a matter of wishing he would control his words better, and you know that, I’m sure.

I’m replying to a specific poster who said yes, wanting trump tweet less means you are a trump hater. You are having a side conversation ignoring what I am replying to.

TDDS. Is more like it. Why does it both YOU so much of someone dislikes Trump, that you have a need to label that person. Who are you to judge?

Oh cool. You wordsmithed someone into a corner, even though you know the truth about Trump hate.

You win the internet. :roll_eyes:

Just pointing out what I see.

And you and I have exchanged replies over your TDS. To be blunt, I was quite surprised to see you start this thread. It was refreshing to see the change in you. Back when we exchanged replies on this, you hated Trump and anything he was doing at the time because he was … Trump.

What you posted in this thread was what I was trying to tell you back then.

Yeah , I made them say it. I have that power. Now say Hillary is cool.

You have me confused with someone else. I have been overly critical of Trump and the ridiculous things he says. And on quite a bit of his policy. However…you act like you know what’s in my heart. I don’t hate anyone. However, critical i am of Trump, it has nothing to do with hating him. That’s something you have created…and it’s tiresome. You can’t fathom anyone disagreeing with Trump so you make it about hating him? It’s a false premise.

It’s easy to imagine if you were alive during Jesus’ ministry, you’d be yelling “PDS!!” (Pharisee Derangement Syndrome) any time he criticized the Pharisees.


My response is from your own words:

You and I had a heated discussion about TDS. I’m going off what you said to me then.

Of course it is! And nothing stops you from having your fantasies.

Never from the deranged Trump hating leftists and deranged never Trump RINO’s whose narrative is that Trump is a bad person from the same ilk who were his BFF’s in his private life and Pols who kissed his butt for campaign donations. The Clinton’s attended his wedding to Melania and President Trump was very honest on the campaign trail and admitted that was “pay back” for the donations he made to Bill Clinton’s campaign.

Trump hasn’t changed over the years and he has been on all sides of political & social issues and been a Democrat and a Republican over the years same as many Americans have, myself included. Just do a search on the amount of honors and awards he has received over his private and public lifetime. It’s the whacked haters that have just gone bonkers over the fact that he beat the pantsuit off of his opponent and has common sense and conservative policies that are actually working to MAGA that they simply cannot accept.

And those that play the morality card are the literal dregs of immorality and have been played the Trump card.

And PS…He is not a racist, he is not a bigot and there was no collusion or obstruction…period!

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My only discussion. About it is that nobody has the ability to say someone is deranged because they strongly disagree with Trump. I disagree but i am not arranged about him.

Trump didn’t stop an economy that was growing before he came in office from continuing to grow… yet. For that I give him kudos. Otherwise, what would I be happy about concerning Trump?

He incapable of that.

It’s like asking a dog not to bark.

I despise the person. I won’t call him a man unless I slip up.

I don’t agree with all his policies. Some a good, some are bad, some I’m waiting for the outcome and hoping for the best.

Like all of them, he is much better at campaigning than governing. As far as governing, he makes me wince every day. His one saving “grace” is the libs and dems are as bad if not worse. And I believe Trump has done better at keeping his campaign promises than any other in my memory.

It seems like we go out of our way to anoint the very worst we can find all too often.

Obama wasn’t bad, but he caved and did ■■■■ to violate the Constitution and set us up for failure. I believe him to be a good person who truly believed. Much like Carter.

Bush II was a good man, not the brightest bulb in the lamp. Thrust into extraordinary circumstances not of his causing.

Clinton was a slick Trump.

I can set the person aside for a while longer and watch the policies, but he needs to change. I don’t see it happening. He will not ever get my vote, I can’t set it aside that far.

But the Clown Car damn sure won’t get it.

The President is not the problem, any of them. The problem is the other two branches, mostly Congress.

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Please don’t compare yourself to Jesus.

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