It's time to Stop Defending Trump the Man

Oh…ok. My feeling is defend his political ideals if that’s what you (you all) believe, but don’t defend the man, who is much of the time indefensible.

Raising standards on auto emissions but I still live in an area where I have to have my cars tested. Obama did nothing to help that.

His supporters do everyone an enormous disservice by not holding him up for critique, and making him accountable for his conduct.

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For many it is time to double down on his support. Support him to the bitter end, lol.

For me Trump can say whatever he wants, it’s the laws and regulations that he may want to pass that I pay attention to.

People call Trump a dictator/tyrannical…but ask them what laws has he implemented and they just say he’s a another Hitler.

Trump is mostly a blowhard…would you rather have a blowhard or silent authoritarian like Obama? One that used the very goverment as a weapon against his enemies?

I’ll take the blowhard.


Two types of people on this site, Americans and Globalists, not hard to figure out who wants to leach off the American tax payer to support Globalization.

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Unfortunately Obama’s enemies were those who love America, Obama used the NFL to discourage any love of country by allowing them to disrespect the American flag.

Where were you when Obama used the IRS to attack the American people?

The only problem American’s are having is Obama hasn’t hanged for his crimes of high treason, attempted coups have consequences!

More like a suppository.

Not bad overall. But I would have used a period instead of a comma and started a new sentence with ‘attempted’.

What are you talking about?

You hopped over weed hopper.

haha, sorry. will not bother to correct the quote, i already know the answer, lol

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I support the sitting President, regardless of party. When it comes to policies, I mostly agree with Trump’s policies and strongly disagreed with most of Obama’s.

In 2016 I voted for Trump over Hillary, because of political ideology. In 2020 I will vote for the GOP candidate whoever that might be.

I honestly didn’t care about the person Obama and I honestly don’t care about the person Trump.

Having said all that:

If Trump were to suddenly become more Presidential, DEMs would still hate him and they still wouldn’t vote for him in 2020. His base would feel betrayed and he would likely lose in 2020, because they would stay home.

Trump needs to be Trump in order to keep his base supporters. DEMs will hate him no matter what he does.

He’s ignoring the Obama crimes like the fake news and Democrats!

What’s the point in not being awful if Dems won’t congratulate him for it and his base will be sad.

Some of my family members voted for him. A couple of them always vote the party line. A couple of them don’t like him but really didn’t like Clinton. When Trump had his kick-off rally in Florida a news crew did a number of interviews with his supporters who were waiting in line. Every single one of them told the reporter that Trump always told the truth about everything. They all blamed “fake news” for trying to convince the nation that he lies.

Trump is being Trump. Not because he fears DEMs nor is it because he fears losing his base. He is being Trump, because that is who he is. That is what differentiated him from the other 17 primary candidates. It is why he beat Hillary. The only ones asking him to change are those who hate him anyway. Why on God’s green earth would Trump give them the time of day? :thinking:

You really think the only ones who want trump to tweet less and tone down the rhetoric “hate” him?