It's time to Stop Defending Trump the Man

It is my opinion…that the time has come to draw a difference between Trump’s actions and Trump’s policies.

There are a couple of posters here that actively admit that they have open disdain for Trump the man, his actions and statements…but support his policies. There are many more here who believe they are one and the same. That the man and the policies are the same.

My feeling is that there are more who feel some of the policies have worked well, but because he’s Trump, they won’t admit this. Trump the man gets in the way of Trump the problem solver.

Does anyone else agree with these thoughts? That if Trump just toned down his Rhetoric, he might just garner more support for things he is trying to get done.


I’m on this side of the aisle. His policies are bad and his actions are horrible.

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As a con, I have some positive takes on things he’s done. Not many…but some.

Foreign policy?

I can’t think of one.

Trump is symptoms of today society…the nasty pill that is needed for a cure.

We just need another dose to shock the system.

Environmental to name one. I think Obama went too far with his policies.

Incomprehensible, irresponsible, immaterial.

What is he curing?

Which specific policies?

I completely understand people voting for Trump over Hillary, but when people start going down the rabbit hole and say delusional things like " Trump tells the truth" and ignore reality it’s pretty disappointing. And now it just feels like Trump voters have to own what he is along with the policy gains they got because he never learned to shut up because he thinks his hatred is why he’s president. Go back to the country you came from. You an be for strong borders without being a racist, but Trump isn’t about strong policy arguments. This is just ugly, far beyond wanting conservative judges and tax cuts.


Trump’s presidency is a symptom of a problem that has gotten worse.

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“hatred is why he’s president.”

That, right there.

So you’re saying it’s chemo for the countries cancer?

Thinking he is the cure is part of the problem.

What annoys me about Trump, summed up in one picture:


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You can stop defending Trump (I think you actually never defended him), other people will do what they consider. Why should all of them follow like sheeple your collectivist appeal ?

No where in my OP did I say I defended Trump.

As they say, if Trump is the answer it must be a pretty damn ridiculous question.

I know, you never “defended” Trump.
I dont understand why other should do the same like you

Trump is a disaster for the environment. His policies have been great for the Uber rich no doubt.