It's Now Illegal To Be A Republican!


It’s now illegal to be a Democrat!


He probably will. I think he’s waiting till the Mueller investigation is done so he won’t be accused of trying to block Mueller, & you know the left will say that, you know YOU will.


Muslim ban.


My brother was arrested for registering as a republican. True story.


Wow. So this is what it looks like when all of the unproven President Trump defense talking points are compiled into one single train of thought.

Terrifying. It is really no wonder this man was elected. There is a substantial part of the population that is so predisposed to believing conspiracy theory and have an apparent immunity to facts, evidence, truth, and reality.

Quite literally nothing in this OP is accurate or true. But I suspect the author of the OP genuinely and sincerely believes it all. Despite the facts, evidence, truth, and reality. How do we as a society overcome such a challenge from so many of our fellow citizens? How do we as a society hold people accountable for their detachment from basic reality?


I don’t know that we can. It used to be that we could argue policy around a fairly accepted foundation of reality. Now there is reality and this other parallel universe that has no relation to our own other than some common, tangible, touchable things like cars and gaming consoles and trees.

These people are building for us a garbage society. One built on the detritus of known falsehoods that propagate so far because they ring very strongly in the place that makes people feel good.


Isn’t it easier just to say, “I was wrong,” and start reading the New York Times?


All good points and really describes the troubles we face as a society. In the name of feelings and confirmation bias, a garbage society is being constructed. Shouldn’t those of us who still honor and value reality, truth, and evidence based opinion, have some sort of recourse against the alternate reality being concocted? Simply because of the damage it does?


Yeah, I’m sure all those folks in internment camps agree with you.


Lock him up. :slight_smile:


It’s illegal to be a Republican and we got them to all identify themselves by wearing stupid maga hats. Gonna be like shooting fish in a barrel rounding them up


The right-wing media is spewing that nonsense continuously.


You all shouldn’t talk so much trash about yourselves.


VERY VERY shameful and embarrassing.


100% this!


Donald Trump should make it illegal to be a Democrat. That will make libs heads explode.


That was the whole “lock her up” thing.


Only in your head.

Clinton is still free.

However that might soon change now that Sessions finally gave up his post. As soon as Barr is confirmed as AG both Clintons will probably be in jail soon after.


We’ll revolt!

Oh, who am I kidding.

We’ll drink too many IPAs and ragewatch Netflix.


Libs don’t vote. That’s their weakness.