It's Now Illegal To Be A Republican!

The Mueller witch hunt is just that. It was begun on a fraud dossier - made up lies from opposition research from Hillary illegally used to get FISA warrants several times, & Mueller is now putting people in prison basically for being republicans working for Trump.

The actual criminals, & those who did collude with Russia are off scot free BECAUSE they are democrats. You can commit multiple felonies including committing a conspiracy to overthrow the legally elected government of the United States, fraud before a FISA court, treason, & selling influence to foreign countries.

Mueller & his cohorts are part of the Coup, treason & fraud, they are evil, & lowlifes. There needs to be a new special investigator appointed to investigate all of them, including Hillary, Bill, Mueller & his cohorts, much of Obama’s cabinet, Obama, & several former & present DOJ & FBI officials.

This is the biggest corruption scandal ever in the history of the United States & they need to be held accountable.


I hope Mueller knows that. He’s a Republican.


So…now that the ''Nothing Burger" thread has fallen apart, you decide it’s time to start another bogus thread with a bogus topic.

If it was illegal to be a republican, why isn’t Fox News reporting it.

How about citing the law that makes it illegal to be a republican.

We’re all waiting.

He’s a RINO


Not even a good Scotsman, I imagine.


Don’t know what you are talking about with the nothing burger comment. The last thread I started received over 700 replies. It seems you don’t understand much about the OP. there’s no law, for you to say that makes me feel no matter how belabored an explanation given, you wouldn’t understand.

Illegal to be a Repuican…wow what a hyperbolic stretch…

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Yeah, I get it. We’re the crazy ones. :joy:

So, what are you going to do about besides complain on the Internet?

I think that time will show you that that opinion was wrong.

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Really, you life is that empty that you measure post counts to get satisfaction. Sad.

It’s not that it’s illegal to be a Republican, it’s just that it’s really, really embarrassing these days. Republicans cast their lot with a criminal and his criminal family and his long, long history of criminal cohorts.

It scratched that itch. Trump expressed their anger and their fear and their revenge motive. It came with a price.

Republicans still refuse to recognize it though it is clear as the day is long.

Americans, the conservatives and the moderates, abandoned and are continuing to abandon the Republican Party because it has been overtaken in a coup by Trumpists and is no longer recognizable.

You know how to tell who those Americans are? They’re the ones being labeled RINOs.


Basically several people are being investigated, perjury traps are being set against them, & all because they worked for Trump. Everyone not insane leftist know it’s true. All the while all of the many crimes committed by democrats are ignored, & much worse than anything charged against the Trump supporters. None of them would have been in trouble if they had not worked for Trump.

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Or is it what they did for Individual 1 while they worked for him?

No. It’s becaise the commited crimes for Trump. It’s not that hard to understand if you drop the act.


Bullcrap. Insane bullcrap.


No defence of the crimes of Hillary, Bill, Mueller & his cohorts, much of Obama’s cabinet, Obama, & several former & present DOJ & FBI officials?

Must you be a Trump supporter do be a Republican??

So why hasn’t trump ordered the investigations? Republicans still control the senate.

Even if they are all guilty of what you think that they are guilty of… that doesn’t exonerate the President of the crimes that he has been named in today as an unindicted co conspirator.