It's Now Illegal To Be A Republican!


Young lady is kicking ass.


Here, here!!!


or they looked at the facts and didn’t want to face plant.

it’s like watching a DB act like he’s gonna fight an OT after the ref pulls them apart.


they probably knew they would look like fools if they did a full investigation…

now they can start it and then claim the dems are hiding something or covering up something when they take over and the investigation finds no wrong doing…

and you guys will spend the next two years screaming cover up…

bookmark this if you dont believe me…


Grow up dude. Biggest scandal…not even close


Or maybe, just maybe, they say these things to simply rile their gullible base. I mean, if they truly thought they had something, why wouldnt they pursue it?

They know there’s nothing there to pursue… but so long as they repeat it, their supports swallow it hook, line and sinker… despite seeing no credible action taken to pursue any of those matters.


Don’t take him st his word. He also posted this the other day:


Kinda like what happened with the Hillary campaign? The biggest faceplant in political history. I think y’all set the standard. And thank you so much for it!


No really? Come on…seriously???


Donald and the GOP had two years to do a lot of things.


True. And Donald did do a lot of things. More than any President in recent memory. The GOP (and the DNC) who are filled mainly by snails pace government fat cats just watched in amazement.


He really has been the most bigly president in the history of ever, since probably Lincoln although probably better. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Prove it. Y’all offer a lot of talk but zero facts when it comes to rolling back civil rights or any actual discrimination or oppression what so ever. The lives of minorities have improved by every measurable standard under Trump.


No need to prove anything, the evidence is ubiquitous and overwhelming. Minorities and women have every reason to be grateful living under Donald’s regime! Things have never been more bigly for them.


That’s exactly what I thought. When pressed to supply some of your evidence, you got nuttin. Opinions and assumptions don’t exactly qualify as rock solid evidence.


Donald demonstrated to the narion that rock solid evidence is useless in the face of opinion. That’s why I believe him and not your facts. Donald says America is great again. Donald says women and minorities have never done better than under his regime. Donald says he is the bigliest president ever. And he’s right!


We are in a thread about it being illegal to be a Republican, I don’t think it was meant for facts.


They helped him WIN and thats their only “crime”. If leftist Democrats could indict the entire 63 Million people who voted for Trump they would do it! In fact the vicious attacks on the President are directed at everyone in his campaign and every one of his voters as a warning to never dare buck the filthy DC Swamp again! It’s disgusting!


Thanks to Fox news and talkradio, we are treated to mental illness on parade.

It’s downright scary how delusional Trump supporters have become. Just look at that OP. It;s chock full of misinformation, untruths and already debunked rhetoric. But these chuckleheads all believe that stuff!


Sure they would. Sure.