It's Now Illegal To Be A Republican!


Libs don’t do anything. Well, nothing useful. We do plenty of worthless things. I’m beginning to work on a Bonsai tree.


I bet you could build a tiny treehouse for it.


Ah, the timeless I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I? play.

Well played, well played.

Much respect.


I wonder if miniature bonsai trees exist to fit inside the tiny treehouse.


It’s just a thing I thought of right now, but apparently it’s a thing, and I really want to get into it.

Check this out.


That’s incredible. I’m not sure what I’m looking at. Did they start with the treehouse, and then the bonsai tree grew around it? Or did they start with the tree first?

It looks like somebody built the house, and then planted the tree inside the house.

Wouldn’t that make it the opposite of a treehouse?

That tree is a housetree.


I don’t think so. There’s really no way to build a house on top of a tree and expect the tree to grow to fit the house. You have to go the opposite way and build the house around the tree. You can’t tame the tree, but you can help shape it, and work with it, to achieve what you want.


Yeah, I figured my mistake when I looked closer at the elaborate staircases.

I just put my bonsai seeds in a wet paper towel, inside a plastic bag, and into my fridge for a week.


What is a bonsai seed?


Illegal to be a Republican?

Glad I dumped my Republican Registration after the 2016 election.

I didn’t know it had become illegal, I just knew it had become politically intolerable and infinitely embarrassing to be a Republican with the likes of Trump, Ryan, McConnell et al as the leaders of the party.


Seeds for growing bonsai tree-plants.


It looks like an oversized poppy seed. I guess if I follow the instructions correctly, it becomes a bonsai tree. They’re pretty small.


Baloney, almost nothing in your post is true. nothing. The witch hunt was started by use of the Hillary opposition research fake dossier, the basis of the FISA court authorization. It was a lie from the start, & they just keep pushing the lies. It should never have even begun, & it’s a political prosecution.


The parts of the Steele dossier that refer to Carter Page turned out to be true.

So there is that.


I suggest you start preparing yourself for all the criminal indictments and jail time that Trump and/or team/family are going to do. It’s not fake laws they broke.


Trump should be above the law, just like Barry was.


I already commented on how I believe that you genuinely believe these things. Even though they are objectively untrue. I understand these falsehoods are regularly used by the defenders of President Donald Trump to try and muddy the waters of the legal and political perils he faces for his many criminal activities involving everything from his now-defunct Trump Foundation, to his campaign, to his administration, to his Trump Organization, etc. Unfortunately the evidence and facts and reality do not support the conclusions made in the OP, or in this response.


Yeah, it turns out it’s illegal to lobby for the government of Turkey while national security adviser to the president of the United States and now he’s avoided jail time only by promising to testify against somebody bigger and they said it in open court.

I suggest you gird your loins, champ. Cohen is talking publicly, Manafort lost his cooperation agreement and is looking at dying in jail, Flynn flipped like Sammy Gravano and the Trump Foundation just shut it’s doors in attempt to avoid prosecution and that’s just in the last couple weeks.


My son had to find samples hyperbolic postings on social media. I almost wanted to show him this op, but alas he has to do his own work.


One small note on the bold, the NY AG is continuing to investigate President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump for criminal activity regarding the Trump Foundation even though they were forced to close the charity for misappropriating funds and self-dealing. They still all have the potential to face prosecution for their actions with the Trump Foundation.