It's Now Illegal To Be A Republican!


Yep. Last evening was all about the 2 tiered justice system and of course HILLARY, and this thread appears.


But he didn’t run.


Le Sigh…if only he was capable and understood the system!

Witch Hunt!


When did it become a crime to deceive Congress?


And we saw over and over and over again Hillary being held responsible for the adultery of Bill.


Yes it is.


By logging out?


No. Ha! you don’t know either.


See how I “feel” about what?
Trump probably won’t be impeached even though he’s committed felonies and collaborated with a hostile nation to subvert our democracy, because a sufficient minority will stand with him. I’m fine with that because a weakened, leashed Trump is better than what would be the result of impeachment.


Hillary wasn’t held responsible for bills sexual assaults. She was held responsible for attacking the women he assaulted. If she would have left the women alone and just worked on her sham of a marriage people would have taught differently of her.


@Meriweather , can you tell this guy not to judge people?


Likewise. Let Donald continue to rage impotently on twitter until his term is over.


I have asked several times for a list of all Republicans and have it pointed out on that list which ones are the RINOs and which ones are the true Republicans. However, I never got that list.


I agree with you but it will probably not be revealed for decades and not I’m sure if justice will ever be served since most of the perps will probably be dead. It’s truly a blight on the country.


its not illegal to be a republican, just shameful and embarrassing…


That’s basically the same thing. Liberals always do this. They can’t make something illegal, so they use society to shame people into conforming. What Liberals are doing is wrong and laws should be passed to make sure it doesn’t happen.


I’m looking forward to the OP linking us to stories of people being arrested for being Republicans. Unless he’s already been snatched off the street and is being resettled to a FEMA camp. That would be a shame. I mean, he’s obviously on to something here and he could be the one voice that sparks the Revolution.


That opinion was shown to be wrong in the first week of this corrupt admin.


I think Alexandria ought to make this a priority when she gets to Washington.


The problem is this. The republicans had two years to demand answers. They waited until the last two weeks even try. I don’t know if this out of laziness or incompetence.