It's Now Illegal To Be A Republican!


On a side note, completely unrelated to anything in this forum, thread or any posters, do crazy people know when they’re crazy?


The reality is the mods should merge this thread with the other ones you’ve done.


Fortunately it’s still legal to be hyperbolic and triggered!!!


No you don’t. This is a troll thread.


Republicans had the house, senate, and white house for 2 years so why didn’t they?


I’m in awe at how effective Fox News is.


So has anyone dug up an actual law that states it is illegal to be a Republican (since that is the title of the thread)? If so, the President, the majority of the House and Senate, as well as the AG, DAG, FBI director, and Robert Mueller are all in violation of said law.


As to the crimes by Democrats alleged in the OP, why haven’t the Republican President, the Senate Republicans, the House Republicans, the Republican AG, the Republican DAG, or the Republican FBI director taken action against them? That would seem to be dereliction of duty on all their parts if true.


Everybody take a breath. Take a step back.

Now, how masterful is a TV station if they can convince millions of people that they’re victims while they’re in power. I say that’s an amazing sales job.


On the negative side your op is factually incorrect. On the plus side you showed restraint and didn’t mention interment camps.


that is exactly what you guys did during the clinton and oba,a presidency…


Sometimes you just have to smile and nod.


But no one ever elected him for anything ever again.


It’s been a long time since I felt like taking a thread out to dinner and try to bring it home for the evening but I really want to see if I can make it happen with this one.


Former presidents do not usually run for another office.


Reality Tv stars do not usually run for president. There’s a first time for everything.


But there is nothing stopping them…is there?


His wife ran though - and somehow managed to lose to the worst candidate in my lifetime. She quite literally yanked defeat right out of the hands of certain victory


The preparation of the dossier used a foreign spy and Russians. This was reported to the FEC as “legal expenses”…
and yet the only investigation is payments through Cohen.


Mueller is now basically imprisoned for Republicans who work for Trump. The Department of Justice does not pursue real criminals.

Those who should be investigated include Hillary, Bill, Muller and his partners, most of the Obama cabinet, Obama, and several former and current employees of the Department of Justice and the FBI.

This is the biggest corruption scandal in American history, and they need to be brought to justice. Trump should be more active in figuring out what happened. Why did he ignore such corruption scandals?