It's NOT Biden's Fault!

All the problem we are experiencing right now are NOT Biden’s fault:

  1. High inflation, super high gas & grocery prices, hurting badly the poor & retirees.
  2. Open borders & all the rape, murder, pedophilia, slavery, & drugs that goes with it.
  3. The stock market crashing.
  4. The coming deep recession.
  5. Food & other shortages.
  6. Delivery & shipping crisis.
  7. Pushing for WWIII.

It’s really NOT Biden’s fault, it’s the fault of all the Democrats, period.

EVERY part of what is going wrong is DEMOCRAT POLICY. Biden is just doing the bidiing of his party.

They always SAY they are for “working families”, “the children”, & “the poor”.

That’s what they SAY, but their ACTIONS prove otherwise… They are REALLY HURTING he poor right now especially.

What they SAY & what they DO do not match.


Cue some lib telling you all of this garbage would be happening no matter who is in charge…

Which is of course nonsense.

But you are right Biden is the face of this disaster but the progressive left democrat socialists very much own our various messes.

And they need to experience an extinction level event in November.


All of these thing are happening globally. Why?


Ya heard the man, its the Democrats! They’re ruining the world with their pro-inflation/starvation polices؟

Much of what is going on in the world is due to Democrat policies. (Leader of the free world) It did not happen with Republican government. OWN IT!

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Yup! It’s happening globally. Shortages, inflation, market crashes, delivery & shipping crises happens in a socialist “Utopia”. In this case it’s world wide because of it being the US who is transitioning to socialism. It will likely destroy the world economy.

But hey, go ahead & live in the dream world that it will all be worth it, & the ends justifies the means.

It won’t be, but you keep dreaming. That’s all socialism is, a utopian dream that ends in nightmare…


How are we transitioning to Socialism? Im sure you have some examples other than Obamacare.

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Yeah…there’s no other examples huh democratic socialist?

What are they? You made the claim…you must have had some examples in mind.

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Let’s not forget that the number one cause of death for those between 18 and 45 is fentanyl overdoses and that’s coming across the border. Trump had it virtually stopped and on day one…Brandon removed the pieces he put into place and this disaster began.

Mayorkas is one evil man, who although played stupid when answering questions to Congress, blaming the previous Administration, he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. So much so, the border patrol was completely aware and unitedly turned their backs to him.

It’s amazing and very disappointing that this fact is being ignored by the libs in this thread, defending this turd of an Administration. The Brandonites are partners in this. Anyone with a brain could see how far gone Biden was mentally prior to the election but the hate and TDS made it where the Brandonites didn’t care and put their feelings ahead of their brains. Now…they own this and so they have to try and defend, the indefensible.


You mean why didn’t we hear you say this when Trump was being blamed for Covid?


Here…allow me…we’ve heard it a zillion times…that’s different.

Nobody blamed Trump for the existence of covid. Stop it.

I blame the low information organic intellectuals.


Crazy people think they’re sane.

Stupid people think they’re intellectuals.


Trump is “the only American leader in a century with more than 400,000 deaths from one event on his watch.”

Well, that didn’t last long. Now more Americans have died from Covid under Biden’s watch than under Trump’s watch.
Where’s the media story about even more blood on Biden’s hands?

You see why half the country no longer takes anything the left or their media says seriously, right?


Not to mention he already had a Therapeutic available thanks to his superior predecessors. :wink:


The COVID deaths were on most every news channel, most every evening and Trump was labeled as the culprit for their deaths…PERIOD! Now here we are later and more deaths have taken place under Brandon that Trump and the media…is SILENT!


You know this article was written while he was still President?

What was true then, is not true today under Biden. Given that Biden has overseen the pandemic longer than Trump, it’s no surprise that the total number of deaths from covid would be higher under Biden than Trump.

Luckily thanks to Trump, Biden and the delta variant… the death rates are much lower.